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  1. You had no point to begin with...I was just pointing out that rappers wearing a shit load of jewelry is nothing new. You on the other hand seem really heated about a music that probably wasn't made for you anyway... and now you're talking about cars? :lol: Stay mad.
  2. What about Bun B, Eight Ball, Scarface, Ludacris, Killer Mike, and Outkast??? They're from the south do you think their shit is corny? You're hating on party music, nobody wants to dance to a rap tune that tells a story...Nobody dances to WU Tang at the club. If you want to hear good story rap listen to this shit, I'd put this up against the best story rappers in the game....You probably never heard it. Time My Homeboys Girlfriend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJyHNn9flnY Deuces Wild
  3. Who are these blacks you speak of? KRS maybe? :lol: Rap music is more popular than it has ever been, I personally think it's great. When I was growing up the only rap music you ever heard on the radio was RUN DMC, Tone Loc, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince... Sure there is a lot of bullshit rap out now but the same could be said about any music genre....Complaining about it is pointless, listen to what you like and stop bitching about what you don't like. Turn the radio off and reach in your backpack if you're looking for some of that so called "real" rap music. Do you bitch about death metal too? Do death metal fans debate about who growls the best and can sound more evil?
  4. I always find it funny that the majority of people who complain about hip hop being dead are white people...Shut the fuck up already.
  5. I heard Waka Flocka Flame a few minutes ago, dude sounds like he wants to be the next Gucci.
  6. I'd much rather listen to this than some shit death metal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNxKALYaFH0
  7. I expected the Saints to lose at least one game I just hate the fact it was Dallas..Now I gotta listen to all the left over 90's Dallas Cowboy fans at work for the next week.
  8. They had to win that game or else their chances of making the playoffs would have gone out the window. We already wrapped our division up and got a 1st round bye. It won't be nothing nice if we see them again in the playoffs
  9. When I was 4 or 5 I broke into a few houses...I didn't actually break in, I kinda just walked in and snooped around...Once through a sliding glass door and the other time through a side door, I didn't steal anything though.
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