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  1. i actually read that there is a new port being built on the west coast of florida that will be carrying fruit from south America up to philly and Indiana,,,, they are already in talks on having several hundreds reefers built for this new project.... I read it in trains magazine issue maybe about 6 months ago. reefers are actually a growing trend... also the majority correct me if im wrong of the baby ridged reefers are refurbished and painted over upfe's, they have been around many years so I could see why they are up for reitirement, plus they are much smaller then the new ones, so im sure its cost effective to just do away with the smaller ones,,,
  2. killer, hopefully this thread will make others file suit.... I miss the busy benching threads of 12oz yesteryear..
  3. i benched those halfway across the state from where the dudes did them and at a much later date... ive been posting fliks for years on here and already know about whats a "bright idea"" or not , in case you've forgotten spots are blown everywhere already dude and its not from me posting a couple of freights once in a blue moon on a dead ass messege board.
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