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    ^Take a dump swimming in the ocean...escape the bathroom in your mind...the world is your toilet.
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    Think I shouted out @mn1_fuckos- think you were the one who posted the Italian bakery pizza first. Either way, I was unecessarily discriminating against them since they were not pizzerias. Ridiculous in some senses but either way I'm about it now. 2 recents: meatball sausage/mushroom
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    Not on the same level as the ones you mentioned but entertaining with some truly horrifying moments.
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    I don't see any benches around here.
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    Yes. I bought a joint for like 10 bucks, if im right, its already been a few months. Im not a user of canabis, because of my job, and other reasons, but I did take a risk, and tried some when it got legalized. It was some Sativa, lots of thc. Holy fuck was that a mistake, I got extremely fucked, talking to myself, trying to calm my thoughts the entire time, inevitably I just ended up passing out, waking up 2 hours later like nothing happened.
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    Trailer looks interesting, will check out.
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    My room was a fucked up mess So i cleaned it 9 hrs later im home again with a burn on my arm
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    Seen shot caller yet? That was raw.
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    @triKlopsfeel there's a thing or 2 in here you'd like
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    Have tried to explain on here before. I can only show you all the path to enlightenment. To transcend the boundaries created by stall and urinal, to escape the bathroom in your mind. Remove the stress and anxiety. FREE RANGE PISSING
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    Going to try and start a new series of posts and see how it goes. I'm going to try and pick timely topics and hot button subjects and pose a question so you guys can weigh in and throw in your opinions. Obviously we won't all agree and likely, there's no easy solution. The goal is to apply logic, reasoning and if possible, objective evidence and study so we can discuss and debate in our small corner of the interwebz and see if we might be able to solve the worlds problems. Current topic... Has the social media revolution devolved conversation? (Previous topic or use the search to search thread titles for "weigh In". Now for specifics... Some of you guys are old enough to remember AOL chat rooms, MySpace, BBS's and when forums dominated. Many of you were around back 5+ years ago when the 12ozProphet forum literally had hundreds of users logged in at a time and popular threads felt more like chats since since by the time you submitted a comment, there were several unread ones before yours. I can even remember when everyone was complaining that 12oz had gotten way too big and there were so many new names that it felt like a crowd at the airport instead of a tight-knit community... The good old days! As many of you guys also know, I've been focusing on 12ozProphet full time for over a year now. We relaunched the forum maybe 1.5 years ago with this new system and finally solved the registration / login issues that all but destroyed the forum for the few years before that. Many people have told me I'm wasting my time and that forums are done. Obviously our community here has taken a massive hit (putting it lightly) and that our numbers hardly scratch the surface of what they were back in the days. Everyone and their mother is on Social Media, used to be solely Facebook, now it seems to be almost entirely Instagram. Seems like the majority are also too young to remember the good old days of literally being at your desktop for hours at a time, chatting with people from around the world well into the wee hours. Sharing photos, creating memes (before that was a term), forming friendships, trading knowledge (and sometimes packages) and always weighing in, discussing and turning each other on to new ideas and content. So now that I've laid some groundwork, on to the specific topic of this thread... I've been noticing, for what I feel a fair while now, that most people don't seem quite as satisfied by social as they once did. Its mature enough as an idea and technology that the novelty has certainly worn off and its just another facet of modern life. Everyone and their mother is on social, but I've noted the behavior is much different... In the chat room / forum days it was long sessions, mostly uninterrupted. Now its checking in constantly for a few minutes at a time like a sort of intermission throughout daily life. Likewise, long detailed comments, conversations / dialogues spanning days / weeks / months (and even years!) are so long in the past, it seems young kids cant even relate. *The few exceptions being 4chan, reddit and gamers. With politics having been center stage for the last few and everyone being an expert these days, I can see a definite desire to converse, but the main platforms for doing so are very poorly conceived to that end. Limits on character count and a model that is built around a steady stream, it seems its all about double tapping, dropping an emoji and keeping shit moving. The big players in the social space might spark thousands of comments, but all of these are super condensed and also built to be double tapped to like more than organized to allow for ongoing discussion. Within moments in some cases or an hour or so at most, comment threads are buried as more photos clog the stream. Hashtags allow you to hunt down topics, but its clearly not developed the way old school online conversations were developed so that a subject can remain active and engaging until collectively all participants move on to a new, more exciting discussion or topic. In fact, even the metric for how successful engagement is measured is far different than the old days. In any case, recently I've been watching that AMC original, Halt and Catch Fire and it reminded me of the old days and also reminded me a lot of what I've been considering or working on with 12oz. I have wrestled with the idea of whether it was worth the time, energy and money to keep this forum going and for one reason or another always qualified keeping at it, even when it was painful to keep paying to keep it alive. Lately my thought is that I feel the world is ripe for a resurgence in forum type systems. 4chan and reddit are powerhouses which shows they havent entirely disappeared, but I can see how longer format discussions can feel like exciting and novel to kids too young to remember when that was mostly the online experience. Likewise, older cats still seem nostalgic about those old days and in general as busy as everyone is, meaningful conversations with other human beings is still an important part of life. There's no doubt that we've lived a number of years where conversations, knowledge and content (and many other aspects of life) have been dumbed down, condensed or abbreviated to 240 character blurbs, a tap, swipe or something equally brief. Seeing such a massive stream of condensed info has turned everyone into an expert on just about everything. Perhaps some people will chose to go on believing that about themselves rather than put it to the test by engaging in the long format, meaningful online discussions that forums allow for but I do believe that we've reached a point where it makes a lot of sense and seems ripe that it might go full circle with forums or something forum-like might start replacing social media platforms. I sort of see it like watching a steady stream of movie trailers, versus committing the time necessary to actually watch the full movie. Anyhow, what are your thoughts on this? Am I crazy for thinking the way I do? Has the endless steady stream of bite sized, easy to consume (and digest) content / thought / opinion totally devolved our ability to engage in real conversation... To explore ideas and topics in detail, contrast and debate, understand new stuff in more meaningful ways, build super solid, long term friendships that often spill into the real world? Side note: Since I am committed to preserving the 12oz forum and due to the views I hold on the subject (that I just spent 6,305 characters above explaining, I've been steadily looking at ways to improve the forum. The current forum is mobile optimized, but admittedly the expectation for the mobile experience is very high considering how mature and capable smart phones have become. Better than 50% of the traffic we get originates from mobile and I'm aware that if I can't get that right, the forum will never really succeed to the levels I aspire to. Likewise, though stable and though performance is solid, I'm not crazy about the feature set. There's a ton of bells and whistles we don't even use and lots of basic shit missing. I'm also not crazy about the development path of this forum system and have a different platform in mind that I'm seriously considering replacing it with. Obviously any changes will only occur if ALL data can be preserved and migrated, but I'm looking at an option now that I think is a better fit. It solves a few stupid issues like the sideways photo orientation when attaching images to comments from a mobile device, has a more modern layout and has some other features that I think make a lot of sense. Its nothing earth shattering that'll turn 12oz into the next Instagram, but is an evolutionary step forward, in my opinion, and hopefully helps facilitate (or at least strengthen the argument) for the return and growth back to prosperity of the 12ozProphet forum.
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    about damn time someone made this thread. chicago deep dish all day son!!!!
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