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  1. I don't give a fuck about a Muller.
  2. Is this still up at the Phoenix Theater? Damn..... Wesk kind of blew up after this didn't he... I saw somewhere he was doing something with Luis Vuitton like painting luggage for some advertisement work or something..
  3. Is there a third option like vomit......
  4. Another rough day at the office ?
  5. This production they did yesterday
  7. I eat shit that would make a Billy Goat puke...
  8. My Buddy....Fagarroni.... Every where I go, HEEEE goes!
  9. This is Detective Fagglesnake with the FBI and we are doing our big take down as part of operation Fuck all Art Fag's and I'm going to have to ask you all to line up and take down your pants so I can inspect you for recent homosexual activity.
  10. How to: Proper Boneless
  11. They should just have a rad custom top tube pad made to cover the dent and turn a tragic accident into a big plus. That way they can take the pad off when they lock it up in sketchy areas and the dent will act as an extra theft deterrent. At least thats what I would do.
  12. Bayer has a bunch of poppy fields in India.
  13. I'd sniff it...then I'd fuckin pound it bro...
  14. Graffiti games Where's Waldo..........
  15. That's a good place to go make twerking videos if your parents are home but you want to be naughty.
  16. < Rocking Gummo again after 6 9 started cooperating with the government.
  17. This is the last serious thing I drew almost 5 years ago...It's not that I decided to quite pursuing my artistic ambitions only that I had to make some major moves to get back into a favorable position to do it as far as having the time and resources and lifestyle to support making it happen on the level that a lifetime of dedication toward being the kind of artist /person that I strive for warrants. I am an old school graffiti artist but I was heavily influenced by my interest in low rider/tattoo and prison style artwork which tends to be collage and reflect personal experiences so I'm going to suggest that some of the images in my artwork may be representative of situations and circumstances past and present that I may not be at liberty to discus.
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