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    haven't been through this thread much but i dig it, along with the other model thread in ch. 0. anyway, went to a place today that has a setup they bring out every year around christmas time and took some flicks. not the best quality, but i figured i'd share regardless.
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    dope...cant wait to see the flicks.
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    RISK used to hurt shit hard. RIP
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    Come on accidental discharge!
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    Hahahaha... Dude. :lol: I fucking forgot about that moment. Appreciated you having us over. Enjoy the Christmas trees.
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    lol you mean holiday tumblew33dz went to an event had to wear a tux got really drunk and lost a cumberbund. first world problems
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUFu-Yln_Yo Louis CK - Chewed Up FULL
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    I use a small orange, for a small fee, I host a dozen sites on one account. I also have a bunch of good domains i wouldn't mind selling....
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    Ive used godaddy for a long time for hosting. Works well and pretty cheap.
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    smash em all. it's a bold new era of loneliness.
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