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  1. its sune, and im down just let me know.
  2. Orlando is toy cus of u toys. Its not the city its you, everywhere you toys go it will be the same for you. Stop blaming Orlando its you
  3. c'mon son, the first thing i thought when i seen this was trism until i looked harder and i was like, "oh never mind, a biter"
  4. yo dr ze i saw some dope stuff u did at rv spot, stuff is bangin. peace
  5. big nais, you got much nicer gee daps to you blood
  6. yo grin work on that "N' and your joint would be dope good stuff though.
  7. ^^^always coming thru wit the crazy ill flicks
  8. im sorry im just not down wit this era where u get props for spraying ugly graf all over the place.its not about getting up everywhere, its about style, structure, improvement. if your improving then thats a different story, anyway why does one care if one congratulates or not? do it for you, anyways there's a 99% chance that your name wont make it out of orlando, if a "congratulation" is all your seeking. OH YEAH its true about the old fart statement, ill be 30 ina couple months. That jesor billboard is decent.
  9. bump that skum and bake, daps feo
  10. all yall cornballz claim yall know trism talkin about him like you all have tea every night, go ask him and stop puttin his bis on blast.
  11. this is the kid whos running his trap? writers these day are backwards, no kind of skill wit a big mouth.
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