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  1. correct, how ever what about the choice of tolerance? i mean in the same sense as religion. i know its there but no reason to be teaching my kids this stuff you know? i would be ok with the idea if it was an elective rather than it being a regular thing.
  2. http://foxnewsinsider.com/2012/01/04/watch-herman-cain-announces-launch-of-new-movement-cain%E2%80%99s-solutions-revolution/
  3. the "im gona troll the fuck out of this thread or get banned superthread" ..
  4. http://www.knocking.org/ KNOCKING opens the door on Jehovah's Witnesses. They are moral conservatives who stay out of politics and the Culture War, but they won a record number of court cases expanding freedom for everyone. They refuse blood transfusions on religious grounds, but they embrace the science behind bloodless surgery. In Nazi Germany, they could fight for Hitler or go to the concentration camps. They chose the camps. Following two families who stand firm for their controversial and misunderstood Christian faith, KNOCKING reveals how one unlikely religion helped to shape history beyond the doorstep. pretty good film, i really enjoyed it
  5. Meconium


    mtv is no longer music television
  6. The title of this thread is a little off putting.. but ok. Maybe i will come back some other time with work worthy of posting in this amazing thread.. the rules of this thread should be implemented a little better i think _EDIT_
  7. your standards are way to high, make another thread for that - the GOT TO BE SUPER FILTHY AND ON POINT TO POST IN THIS THREAD - thread..
  8. photos courtesy of - The Egg Man
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