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Dr. Scientist

Acid Face Revenge Lady


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  1. 1. You?

    • Forgive him for he not know what he's done.
    • Acid eye.
    • Boogie hands.

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"Iranian woman, Ameneh Bahrami, saves man who burned her face with acid from similar fate"


"An Iranian woman granted vengeance on the man who disfigured and blinded her has decided to turn the other cheek.


Ameneh Bahrami, who lost her sight after Majid Movahedi doused her with acid when she spurned his marriage proposal in 2004, chose to forgive him instead of allowing a doctor to place several drops of the corrosive chemical into one of his eyes."






Pretty awesome that Iran would give this lady the say in whether or not someone holds her attacker down and drips acid in his eye. Sadly she dropped the ball and simply forgave him.


I think I would have petitioned the court a step further and asked that I be the one with the dropper in my hand dripping the acid into his eye.





















































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I know, but recently she turned down the opportunity for the "eye for an eye" sentence to be carried out. Was curious is anyone else would have done the same, or would have wanted to see the guy blinded.

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she claimed that she never intended to have it carried out


she wanted to prove to anyone thinking of doing that shit, what the consequences might be


after all that, the asshole was still a jerk to her

so i hope she feels good about what she did.

fuck that guy

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i felt like i had something to say but after looking at that flick YIKES.


Acid Eaterrrrrrrrrrrr



If I was tripping and ran into her at a gas station while buying an Arizona my brain stem would snap

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who the fuck throws acid in someones face cause they turn down a marriage proposal? what kind of society even allows that to be a viable consideration?


i can't wait till i can move to some small island where everyone is really nice to you and girls have big titties and love giving back rubs.

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