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  1. When I meet someone I actually respect, not just someone who I think is cool.
  2. http://www.polarbearclub.org/ Report back with pictures.
  3. Oh shit, some millionaires are stirring up fake beef to get attention? I better listen in.
  4. Smash right on the plane just to have the story to share. Like I'm above putting my dick, in condom, into some old hag? I'm not gonna kiss, or romance her. I'm gonna fuck her on a plane, then laugh about it later. Making memories!
  5. Smash, then ejaculate onto balloon animal hand.
  6. Dear oOontz, what happened to you? You used to be beautiful.
  7. I'm just sitting here, but this is what my frisky feline is doing.
  8. I thought this site imploded due to overzealous moderators?
  9. I probably read it wrong, wouldn't be the first time. You gots to be IN the rape game to WIN the rape game.
  10. I don't know, money fanned out on top of a snow pile seems like a set up and a good way for a woman to get knocked out, dragged away, and raped. Finding random money is one thing. If I find a suit case in the garbage with a hundred grand in it you better believe I'm keeping it. . . if I'm getting into my car and see a hundred dollar bill taped onto my rear window, I'm not gonna walk over and take it off without driving off first.
  11. Nothing, I cut the pockets off of all of my pants.
  12. So, a woman sees a bunch of money neatly fanned out on top of a pile of snow and you're asking why she called the cops and didn't just pick it up and buy a new pair of Jordans? I thought the users of 12oz were a little more street savvy than that.
  13. Don't you just love people who mistake acting out because of low self esteem for confidence? There is no way in bloody hell that this girl is confident because she looks in the mirror and likes what she sees, or because she get nothing but compliments all day and it's inflated her ego.
  14. The credibility of this entire forum just went down the drain.
  15. I scratch my ass then smell my finger to see if my ass smells.
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