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Pack Your Bags, Pipes, and Move Out To Cali

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If you're the governor of one of the 48 states currently saddled with a budget deficit, here is a way to ease some of the financial burden: Decriminalize marijuana.


That's precisely what California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did this morning, when he signed landmark legislation that decriminalizes possession of the drug by residents of the Golden State. Possession of up to an ounce of the controlled substance, which was previously a misdemeanor offense, has been downgraded to what amounts to a slap on the wrist.


It is a move that will be music to the ears of dyed-in-the-wool libertarians everywhere.


Schwarzenegger's motivation in signing the bill was grounded not in his view that marijuana should be legal. On the contrary, he remains a staunch opponent to the state's Proposition 19, a referendum to legalize the drug, which will be on the November ballot.


The purpose of the bill, rather, is to save the state money by obviating the need for judges to adjudicate misdemeanor offenses for possession of marijuana. Over the last decade, California courts have tried some 500,000 offenders. Those in possession up to an ounce now face a mandatory fine of $100.



I think its stupid that you still need to pay $100 if you get caught smoking. But this should be a bump for prop 19.







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this is great legislation. Instead of paying to incarcerate people for holding some weed and paying to prosecute them instead they got 100 dollar pieces of action all day long. Everybody wins. Nobody gets jammed up with probation or has to sit in county jail over a little bit of tree

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