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  1. Re: random thoughts cory trevor smokes
  2. Best pick was Perry Jones III to the Thunder
  3. Anyone from Maui, Hawaii please pm me
  4. I will be in maui this saturday for a whole week how do i get weed? pm me *dead serious*
  5. Where do i start??? This tiny shirt, old navy polo , ben rothlesburger lookin, pink-cheeked ass mark looks like one of those people you would call a homosexual. The amount of hair on his face makes it obvious that he shaves every other part of his body and this little stuart is trying to show off what? His non erasable white board he calls a chest??? He looks like a down sydrome brother of that guy in the brokeback mountain, but much gayer.
  6. you can tell how old everyone is by what they post.
  7. Ask for negs: get negged Ask for props: get negged
  8. Re: kony 2012 I'm all for the cause but this has no affect on our lives. We live in America , focus on the problems over here because this land is fucked right now.
  9. Everybody knows the only way you truly make money is if you steal
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