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  1. EON 352

    No social media trial

    got arrested for trespassing on Government/military land a couple years ago. I don't doubt that they didn't look into me as a civilian.
  2. EON 352

    No social media trial

    I put a piece of Frog tape over the webcam on my laptop, but that's nowhere near enough probably. At this point I feel like that the NSA or a similar agency has infiltrated one or more of my devices of the years. It's just a matter of the odds, and having a criminal record probably adds to those odds as well. I admit that I'm addicted to social media. In the sense that I feel the need to fill any down or waiting time looking at every new piece of graffiti, new clip of skateboarding, or watching legendary glassblowers work live. It's becoming a gross habit, almost like smoking cigarettes in a way. I know I shouldn't let it take up so much of my down and waiting time. But it's as if parts of my brain have become responsive to the viewing and scrolling on the screen. In a way I feel ashamed for letting myself become something I said I never would. Letting myself become another sheep. If I would have spent half of the time I did fucking around with my phone as I did on my art. Hell, I probably wouldn't feel as rusty and out of practice as I do sometimes.
  3. EON 352

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    Most of the threads on the entire forum haven't been posted in, a day or more. I remember when 12oz was popping. It's a real shame that it's become forgotten by many of the writers and the members that frequented it 8-9 years ago. This my first time back on the site in at least 8 or more years. I've been able to locate a few of the old members through Instagram. But it's a damn shame. This place literally contributed to me missing a semester of college. I would spend so much time on here. Channel Zero was full of epic ventures, from the Drawball wars, doing raids on Bombing Science, taking down Adam's Block (proud participant), members getting married, tictacs and tampons, tinychat. It's sad that this generation will not know the amusing rants of pre-Vice Mero, Spitfire's racist attacks, or the enlightening knowledge of DAO. How the fuck will they know that dogs descended from whales!?
  4. EON 352

    SOAP SHOES - the movie

    "I didn't realize is that I'd hit Reply All" hahaha
  5. EON 352

    What's your city's nickname??..

    this is effected by which ever state I may be in at the time.
  6. EON 352


    This thread was unbelievable when it first happened. The pictures of the wooden chair with the big black dildo in the seat were fucked. hahahaha.
  7. EON 352

    Channel Zero...Is it making a comeback??

    I'm here. .for the moment
  8. EON 352

    SOAP SHOES - the movie

    Hello everyone! Is anyone still any here? What happened to the oontz? It's withered away. What was once a great source of humor and intrigue has become dormant and seldom occupied (apparently). Well I'm here to bring up a topic that was once touched upon by a once a long time ago. SOAP SHOES! I could sit here at write on at length about this ridiculous gimmick that I as a child fell into with what seemed like thousands of clueless youngsters. The shoes had a plastic plate in the arch to let you slide like rollerbladers did on rails and whatnot. All in all they were lame, yet kind of cool at the same time. I stumbled upon this little nugget of self produced/filmed weirdness I've seen in a minute. By Ryan Juanzimes who apparently was sponsored by Soap. Good luck making it as far as you can into this thing. haha. For fucks sake the title says enough. ha!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N6x49ASwtU I'm just here to take a shot at making the remaining people here a little laugh.
  9. EON 352

    super bowl xlv

    ive done my fair share of hallucinogens. but nothing has fucked with head more than piece of shit halftime show. did someone dip this cig? wtf.
  10. EON 352

    Spray Paint

    i used to use it. but the price went up out of no where. used the new batch they put out and the valves are no longer as sensitive as they once were and the paint is bit thinner now too. overall not worth it since its the same price as MTN. and MTN is sex.
  11. EON 352

    Russian vs 5 emo's

  12. EON 352

    The best of Google Video and YouTube

  13. EON 352

    Dear ________,

    dear earl, that just made my day. -eon
  14. EON 352

    yeah another Eon thread

    thanks. just so people get things right. i have been doing lighter drugs. but in overly habitual amounts. i just decided to put drugs in front of being a productive person. i flunked out of school, my parents lost trust in me yet still support a positive outcome. and ive spent a large majority of my money funding my stupid habits which i let myself get out of hand with. but i got a recommendation for a psych that specializes in these types of cases. so if anything i plan on cutting out what im doing, put that energy into finding a job and getting my life back in order. i look forward to smoking weed recreationally as opposed to smoking to get through the day like i have. along with taking a bean and two hits within 60 hour time frame, you know you're just acting like an idiot and you have to get your act together.