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The Yes Men

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kings among kings. trolling illuminati. i will accomplish something large scale one day, until then look into these two.




The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist-duo consisting of Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno[1]. Through actions of tactical media, The Yes Men primarily raise awareness about problematic social issues; most frequently, attention is brought to situations in which a person or group benefits from the detriment of others. To date, the duo has produced two films: The Yes Men (2003) and The Yes Men Fix the World (2009)[1]. In these films, they practice a concept they have coined as "identity correction", in which they impersonate entities that they dislike. The Yes Men operate under the mission statement of telling the truth and exposing lies. From their offices in Milwaukee, they create and maintain fake websites similar to ones they intend to spoof, which have successfully lead to numerous interview, conference, and TV talk show invitations.


One of the Yes Men's first pranks was the satirical website http://www.gwbush.com, established for the 2000 US presidential election to draw attention to alleged hypocrisies on Bush's actual website. When asked about the site in a press conference on May 21, 1999, Bush responded that the website had gone too far in criticizing him."[8][9][10]

In 2004, the Yes Men went on tour posing as the group "Yes, Bush Can!" and encouraged supporters to sign a "Patriot Pledge" agreeing to keep nuclear waste in their backyard and send their children off to war. They appeared at the 2004 Republican National Convention and drove across the country at first in an RV with a George W. Bush body wrap, and then in a painted van.


On December 3, 2004, the twentieth anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, Andy Bichlbaum appeared on BBC World as "Jude Finisterra", a Dow Chemical spokesman.[11] Dow is the owner of Union Carbide, the company responsible for the chemical disaster which killed thousands and left over 120,000 requiring lifelong care.

On their fake Dow Chemical website, the Yes Men said that Dow Chemical Company had no intention whatsoever of repairing the damage. The real company received considerable backlash, and both the real Dow and the phony Dow denied the statements, but Dow took no real action.

The Yes Men decided to pressure Dow further, so as "Finisterra" went on the news to claim that Dow planned to liquidate Union Carbide and use the resulting $12 billion to pay for medical care, clean up the site, and fund research into the hazards of other Dow products. After two hours of wide coverage, Dow issued a press release denying the statement, ensuring even greater coverage of the phony news of a cleanup. By the time the original story was discredited, Dow's stock had declined in value by $2 billion.


The Yes Men (along with the Anti-Advertising Agency) also claimed partial responsibility for a prank on November 12, 2008 where approximately 80,000 copies of a fake edition of the July 4, 2009 edition of The New York Times were handed out on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. The fake edition shows their ideas for a better future with headlines such as Iraq War Ends and Nation Sets Its Sights on Building Sane Economy. The front page contained a spoofed motto, "All the News We Hope to Print" from the famous phrase "All the news that's fit to print". Articles in the paper announce dozens of new initiatives, including an establishment of national health care, a maximum wage for C.E.O.s and an article wherein George W. Bush accuses himself of treason for his actions during his years as president. There is also a Reuters photo of the fake cover page and a fake website


On September 21, 2009, one day before a UN summit lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, over 2000 volunteers distributed throughout New York City a 32-page "special edition" New York Post, blaring headlines (cover story "We're Screwed") that the city could face deadly heat waves, extreme flooding, and other lethal effects of global warming within the next few decades. The paper has been created by the Yes Men and a coalition of activists as a wake-up call to action on climate change. Other articles describe the Pentagon's alarmed response to global warming, the U.S. government's minuscule response, China's advanced alternative energy program, and how the Copenhagen climate talks could be a "Flopenhagen".There is also a fake website. On September 22, 2009 the Yes Men demonstrated on the alleged behalf of Halliburton and dozens of other climate threatening corporations an inflatable ball-shaped costume known as the SurvivaBall, claiming it was a self contained living system for surviving disasters caused by global warming. Over two dozen people wore the SurvivaBall costumes as it was demonstrated in the East River.


bbc news trolled, live interview repping some billion dollar corp. stock of this company lost like Two Billion Dollars in like 20 minutes after it was aired:



i will say they could be alot cooler if they didnt stick to raising awairness for shit and i think they might be gay but whatevs.

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"if the serial killer was livin next to me?" - yes - "naw i wouldnt call and tell anybody about em but id prolly move"




ohhhh man Cam couldnt have come off better haha. anderson faggety cooper all serious n shit. Cam just ready to bust out the UMAD!?!?

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yeah, but the hip hop community made it into a tshirt.


also: "By the time the original story was discredited, Dow's stock had declined in value by $2 billion."


that's just ridiculously awesome.

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