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gangs are for assholes, cults are for psychos.

The Fun Police

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Top Posters In This Topic

on a side note... http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com i believe, good breakdown of all religion. it explains the logic behind pagan cults and gnostic belief.

also i think the peeing would be better if existing members of the cult forced new recruits to pee in each others buts, felch it out and drink it in some ceremonial piss orgy.... while i jerk off.

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you know you aint ganster without face tattoos... MS13 is crazy


I don't like dudes that I know would kill me.

That shit ain't cool.

Dude is a psycho.

No way he could sweet talk his way out of that violent mess on his face.



What I do like?

Getting a totally sweet bike, dude.

How brutally metal it is- is still giving me anxiety and dizziness.


Black on black, bro.


I am too weeded to tell you about it.




I have also thought about starting some cults.

Over the years.

It is more of a fleeting thought.

That shit requires too much dedication.

I ain't got the time for no rules and rituals.

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