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is that your bush?

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so this was one of the wildest weekends in a while for me....let me explain


friday night:

i had 4 of my boys from back home fly out for the weekend and they stayed at the Palms (one of the dopest hotels down here).....so i went down there and we went and grabbed some grub then hit the poker tables for a while and other forms of gambling......later in the night we decided to go to the club downstairs and got a table and mad bottles and shit and basically did it real big...we had our own security guard and all that jazz...so we were all fucked up and had a ridiculous time...i met these 2 beezies from back home one of which was immediately attached to the D....real things ensued



me and my boy walk down and hit the pool for a while and sip suds while watching strippers and model looking bitches apply they sunscreen and all that.....i then get a call from the bird from last night who tells me to come over to her spot....so i roll dolo over there and hit the pool at her joint....real things ensue......


saturday night:

we decide to go to another club and get another table/mad bottles and all that.....we're in there living life like el mams does on a daily basis getting all types of fucked up...broads are everywhere.....we order more bottles and errybody is pretty rocked....my boy M is missing all of a sudden so we call him:no answer...whatever he prolly went back to the telly........club ends and we all head back to the hotel (except for my boy T).......i call that other bird that i've been rolling with all weekend......real things ensue...........


sunday morning:

i wake up and 2 of us are missing......M walks in at 9am with track mark looking things on his arms we're like what the fuck were you doing last night?? (THIS DUDE LEFT THE CLUB AND PASSED OUT IN A BUSH OUTSIDE....CASINO CALLED AN AMBULANCE...HE GOT RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL....GOT STOMACH PUMPED.....ALL KINDS OF IV'S IN HIS ARMS AND NOSE AND ALL THAT) he was there all night...we all had a pretty good laugh at his expense pretty much for the entire day............


T- he was dancing at the club with this other girl and her friend comes up and tells her she wants him to go back to their room and plow her friend ...of course my man agrees (the girl was blazin)....the girl and her boyfriend sit outside while my boy plows their friend for 2 hours then he leaves and they all thank him....i thought it was the weirdest thing ever.....


other noteworthy things happened that contributed to the good time and other wild things i cant relly discuss on here that all made this the wildest weekend ive had in a VERY long time.....





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what happens in vegas doesnt always stay in vegas




















transparent has 5 new stds

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sounds like a good time. "crazy weekends" always involved lots of promiscuous sex and lots of substance abuse (and on one occasion, firearms) so needless to say i dont really get to have them anymore. besides, i think the girlfriend would frown on that and i dont need jail time or an std at this point in my life.

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hahaha yeah i was pretty blown away when i heard he had the foodbox pumped....i was under the same impression you are all under thus the clowning that went down all day on my man....

i got no STDS that i know about (i was pumpin the same broad the whole time)...


this broad has not stopped calling me since then....i think she wants to deliver teh babeez.....


my boy who got his stomach pumped's girl is sooo heated at us.....


oh and im still waiting on my boy T to hit me off with the pics so there could be some in the near future......

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