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Everything posted by transparent

  1. Who the fuck are these people?
  2. big kem always a show stopper!!!
  3. if i'z you i'd pm myself and ask why i wear my boxers backwards.......
  4. that made absolutely no sense....maybe find out what a noun is
  5. some1 you should just have some cosmetic surgery to make you a full blown asian guy
  6. i like the letters on the lesn but the 3d is very questionable.....explanation?
  7. :eek: sweet!....that mighta came off wrong i gotta give you an e-cred i guess now
  8. if it wasnt for real life getting in the way the past few months you would pale in comparison oh well
  9. damn i thought my props used to be through the roof....boy was i wrong its been too long
  10. i got the same.....good to be back!
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