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Since we have more and more rookies and junior members, I thought I'd start a new version...


I have a lot, so you can repost or whatever.



-you enjoy myself



-Toy Story


-the short bus

-Terd Burglar

-taco bell bomber




-seeking innocence

-seeking ignorence

-Say my name Say my name



-Retired Hasbeen

-retard warfare

-Ralph Wiggum

-racecar (palindromes are fun!)


-professor poopatronic

-Poop Man Bob

-Organ Donor


-my mom buys my clothes


-Mexicans with Muffins

-me IS cool

-john doe

-jewish hotdog vender

-jacks raging bile duct


-InPhillyWeSayJawn (where did you go?)

-im a big toy oner


-I suck my own dick

-I Lock Kids In My SELER


-I am Fabio ok

-hope u get hit by a train


-Gouged out 3rd Eye

-George Dubyah Bush





-drain bamage

-Do Not Flush

-dirty fuckin hippie


-Cup 'O Soup


-ctrlaltdelete (Ctrl+Alt+Del)

-confucius fudgery

-clever screename

-chester copperpot (Goonies mofo!)


-canadian retard

-BoB Hope ONER


-billy bob ballsack

-Ballpark Frank



-2 inch comp shoes





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damn, i didnt make the elite list, looks like im not up to the current standard of coolness.





He held the butane flame under the pipe. The tiny crystals began to sizzle. As I sucked in the first of the fumes I felt nothing. I didn't get enough. I couldn't get a full inhale. On the second inhale the DMT had started to melt and bubble, pouring out a heady vapor.


The smell of the DMT definitely set the tone of the trip. It has a sickly sweet scent to it, like an exotic sandalwood or jasmine oil mixed with mothball. As inhaled the second lungful it felt like I had stuffed a big wad of chemical cotton candy into my mouth. Then the circus started.


My eyes were focused on the pipe but the periphery of my vision began to sparkle and oscillate with waves of light. A powerful buzz on the same frequency as the light oscillation grew in my head. The more I inhaled the more profound and intense the buzzing became. Each gasp of vapor stoked up the effect until my head was swarming with noise and light.


When I could inhale no more I waved my hand to Dave and he pulled the pipe away. As I held in the vapor the entire room began to shimmer. It seemed as if every surface had been polished to mirror shine; clean, brilliant and perfect. Light was everywhere, bouncing off of me and moving through me. The depth and contour of light was so elaborate that every surface seemed to be crawling with life, convecting, pulsing and oozing with it's own signature vibration.


I stared up at the stucco pattern in the ceiling and noticed they had begun to crawl. Random bumps became little eyes, pointed noses, giggling mouths. The little people had arrived and were literally coming out of the woodwork. They poked out of the ceiling, waved and made faces. I could make out four of them; a stickly troll, a laughing clown, a dancing harlequin, a diabolical imp.


They were bouncing a spinning object between them, a complex geometrical shape spun like a top. My curiosity about this object grew and the harlequin held it out to me. As it's hands telescoped down from the ceiling I could see it was balancing a spinning jewel on it's index finger.


I suddenly realized that I was having Terence McKenna's trip. Damn if he wasn't rght-on-the-nose about these crazy elves. As this realization washed over me the elves burst into uproarious laughter. They were laughing themselves silly, giggling, rolling across the ceiling and holding their stomachs. But there was somethng else. I felt there was more to this space than just the elves and time was running out. I pushed beyond elvin mischief deeper into the DMT realm. I did not expect what came next.


Dave had put on some music before sending me up, a tribal thing wth lots of drumming and grunting. As the elves retreated the music became alive. Everything in the room reverberated to the sound of the music. A chorus of bongos and erotic moaning pounded through the room. A tightening rush of energy tingled in my abdomen. I could smell my lover.


'It's sex,' I announced to Dave in total awe. It was the first thing I said since inhaling. It was barely one minute into the trip and the room became alive with sex. Images of nude bodies entangled in tantric frenzy filled every spot I looked. Pictures of mushrooms became ejaculating penises. The smooth curve of a beer bottle became my lover's ass, a touch of blue became her eyes. She was with me, inside me, inside my reality.


My body tensed up so tight I felt like I was having an orgasm. Although I never attained an erection, my legs and abdomen suddenly felt covered by a thick, warm, electric fluid. I was startled and stood up. The sensation slid off me.


'This is phenomenal' I said to Dave. He was a bit surprised that I was able to stand. He nodded and smiled, not wanting to project on my trip. Halos of light shimmered off his body.


As I took a deep breath the skin on my face began to tighten. The muscles around my eyes snapped in hard. My mind slowly shifted. The hum raised it's frequency. I could see all the light now, not just the white light coming from the lamp, but a whole spectrum of colored photons shooting through the room. I felt like I was in the center of a great jewel. My jaw creaked open and cracked. I stretched out the muscles and tendons. My ears popped.


Every surface in the room suddenly had infinte depth. Any surface that reflected light (the glossy poster, the picture frame, the slick postcard) appeared as a window into a swirling dimension and beyond. As I examined the surface of the poster holographic images appeared, spun, and changed at every angle. It was like gazing into an object I had as a child, a small reflective button covered with tiny plastic ridges. If held at one angle an image of a smiling clown would appear. Held the other way it was the same face, but crying. Turn the button in a 45 degree arc and the face goes happy, sad, happy, sad, happy.


Beneath the surface of the poster I could see a slowly but constantly convecting fluid. This, I perceived, was matter in its true state, continually reinventing itself, crystallizing from the inside out in all directions at once and melting away at the surface. It was in constant flux, pushing against space-time and continually interacting with waves and particles of energy, the same waves and particles that flow through me, bounce off me and are generated by me. This realization was deep, affirming, comforting, reassuring. The wall seemed to smile at me and say, 'Yes, don't you see now how we are all connected. We are all part of the same whole.'

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Originally posted by taco bell bomber

christ puncher oner..dotn see him post very often tho


Ah yes ... also some of the best posts.

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Guest BROWNer

i'll have to go with ballpark frank....even though

i don't think he comes here anymore..

the guy that started the first one of these...i think

he went by fat and pissed off with zits or something...heh..

someone logged in a few days ago with...'binladen'..and

then at the end of their first post wrote something like 'god

bless america'...:o

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damn, i was cool enough to make the last list.... the declineing popularity of t.t. boy is already happening.....


yeah that ballpark frank and christ puncher were funny.

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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

Fieldy Snuts


favorite quote:

Boogie Hands

brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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FOOTSOLDIEr is probably the best name ever invented, maybe im being unfair though.....im also gonna give soem love to Zack Morris because dude has a point when he says that he F'ed Kelly Kapowski. that girl was hott with 2 t's.

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Guest --zeSto--

I dont know if it exists yet on here...


ib6 ub9


...love that one...



and I want to be... zee Le rock


or 23570 ( in numbers right?)

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Guest BROWNer
Originally posted by Dusty Lipschitz

Fieldy Snuts




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crack slutted anal whores from mars thats my name now. i get the funniest award kids1:king: :king: :king: :king:

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