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  1. fuck smart your one gay son of a gun!you bitch ass nigga.eat a dick
  2. uhhh yeah this seems to me like its a general graffiti topic so yeah uhhhh fuck you smart you punk bitch......you suck!
  3. are they,i wouldnt say yes but also wouldnt say no. it seems to me atleast,that alot of kids are hitting frieghts with little to no skill,to make them cooler or real amidst the graffiti circle.that is bull shit.word! what do you G's think?
  4. youre a bunch of fuckers!!!!! im in my jacket over a fairly heavy sweatshirt like 4 socks slippers with the oven on and its not even working right! no heat,i stayed at school late today cause i though there was a chance it might warm up a ffffffuckkkking bbbbbit
  5. no offence dude, but i would do your girlfriend if i had the chance she sounds saucy.i like,i like! now kiss and make up,awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  6. get a real sexy hooker to come over to "pick you up" and say its a reunion with an old friend,get the hooker to wear real trampy clothes,and when she comes to the door give her a big hug and be like "my my my its been years since we last,well........you know hahahahaha" then say"ill just go get changed,be right back" go to your room and put on cowboy boots, chaps for riding horses,a lepeard print g-string and a snow leapeard cowboy hat with a whisstle and kiss your girl bye and say"back in a few,hun" and leave. come home a few hours later,and act all nervous like" what are you looking at me fo
  7. i just shit myself laughing,ahhhwwwwwwwww,fuck!:) :( :o :D ;) :P :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :king: :idea: :dazed: :crazy: :confused:
  8. oooops dont know how to post,sorry post his shit.......worrrrrrd! i saw a big roller hit he did on an auto,post it!now
  9. i best thing a girls ever done for me was bitch slapping a dude for talking shit about me behind my back,word...... but no girl holds a torch to mommy though.
  10. i hated being 18,the worst year ever:king: :idea: :dazed: :crazy: :confused: :P :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: ;) :D :o :( :)
  11. Re: de-wrinkleizer already invented.........its called an iron...
  12. hmmmmm,lets see.. spray paint, girls, the internet, life, the gap, internet graffiti pages for people to play god on, bunny rabbits, kittens and puppies, and bolt cutters oh and i made the rough part of velcro
  13. whats your tag name......write my name.......
  14. bump...............................................................
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