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  1. http://www.saxon747.com/memorabilia/images/full/sbor2_prog.jpg'>
  2. redd kross - born innocent quadiliacha - es muerto ulcer - discography husker du - everything falls apart void - condensed flesh or any SAXON
  3. Kalmex and the Riffmerchants Teen Cthulhu Iron Lung Youth Enrage Unruh Bethlehem El Dopa Ion Dissonance David Allan Coe
  4. Stick a needle in that fucker and sqeeeeze
  5. the only person i would actually vote for if i voted would be me. everyone is a secret crook. fuck them all
  6. http://www.newcitycompound.com/dump/laffpuppet01.gif'> http://www.newcitycompound.com/dump/potatowned.gif'> http://www.newcitycompound.com/dump/starwarsepisode3.gif'> http://i.myspace.com/95/33/723359/9410557_l.gif'>
  7. Officials say that the explosion was not cause by a rocket but a tripped wire. The tripped wire was caused by a rocket.
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