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  1. tekone

    australian freightz/bombing/steel....

    aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi
  2. tekone

    Rebel,renegade,must stay paid...

    those are fresh. heres some more. http://www.sixcentz.com/photos6/rebel.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/rebel6.jpg'>
  3. tekone


    http://www.sixcentz.com/photos3/mere15.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/photos3/mere13.jpg'> http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/kel6.jpg'> mmmmm........
  4. tekone

    p h o t o s d e M o n t r é a l

    montreal has heaps of awesome writers just a few of them http://bombingscience.com/graff/bombstdenis1.jpg'>
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Originally posted by MESTHREE: yarg! look at that oclock! and its DAMO not damon dude..... Yea it is damo, don;t know why the N is there. heres a very nice one from an earlier thread http://image.pbase.com/u/mkessman/upload/126472.meres%5ftruck.jpg'> who is this?
  6. trucks I have a fetish for trucks so i thought i'de post a few. http://www.sixcentz.com/photos2/pest_ghost.jpg'> pest and ghost http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/Host.jpg'> host http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/free5_muze.jpg'> free5 and muse http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/cenz.jpg'> cenz http://www.londongraffiti.com/illegals/walls/images/restvan.jpg'> rest http://www.sixcentz.com/photos1/ewok8.jpg'> ewok http://bombingscience.com/graff/damocamion.jpg'> damon post more!!!!!
  7. tekone

    Girls who rock

    http://www.fafi.net/fafiandtilt/traceflop.JPG'> one of my favourite girl writers, fafi. She does the characters and tilt does the letters
  8. tekone

    Publications - Clearance Sale

    delve and japan in NYC