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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11675822/site/newsweek/ Crime: 'Netbangers,' Beware Street gangs are going online to compare notes and pick fights. But the cops are right behind them. "Yo blood - whats your set?" "Google. Throw it up."
  2. bump for motorcycles and racing on that track and playstation but fuck a mazda rx whateverthefuck or a miata for that matter.
  3. one punch and mike tyson would send bruce lee into orbit. mike tyson is god. that being said - he'd have to get one punch in first. i feel like even if bruce lee blocked one of mikes hooks he would just get his forearm broken. iron mike is ferocious
  4. "its like juice on the stoop - how I got 'em hi - c? " jr writer
  5. the "fuck ckt - fuck p. skool" stuff is cute. the "cool crews" stuff is even cuter. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. I think we all agree its pretty important for us to know not only who you hate - but also who you jock.
  6. hi devilush... hi 12oz... i haven't seen this infamous picture.... could someone post in on this page? or link me? -guyvin
  7. avils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! link me to the threads!!!!!!!!!
  8. ahhh so good to be back.... there is always one or two of these...
  9. thats all we've been seeing around here eh? Well I for one am back after a long time away...new room...new house...and back on 12oz. IM me if you still remember my name.. read this article for uncle frinky: http://www.washtimes.com/national/20020817-704732.htmhttp://www.washtimes.com/national/20020817-704732.htm
  11. Re: i got the BOWFLEX!!! no shit! i have a bowflex too...yea... what about creatine? anyone gonna respond to my last question?
  12. bump for weightlifing... i have been trying all differnent kinds of protein suppliments, and am thinking about taking creatine, but I don't know how sure I am about it... do you only take in on the days you work out? do you only take it just before you work out? has anyone stopped taking it after a while and noticed their muscles returning to their smaller form? I have heard actually through a doctor that they have seen people "creatine loading" and then watched their muscles shirnk considerably after they stop taking it... anyways......if you have advice, product names....shit like that.. help me out. thanks in advance oh also..........if i really don't want to gain fat or look bulky, but I want to stay lean and gain muscle......what are the right suppliments (i.e. not weightgainer 5 million)
  13. here is one that i did on photoshop. first letter try... i might post some sharpie sketches.. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Burn6666/alphabattles.jpg'>
  14. i've tried to do that whole wheatpasting/propaganda thing...but I don't know where to start. I always look like I am trying to hard... any suggestions? I've got one... shut up frinky
  15. wow now that whole thing took a perfectly normal post and made it into some sick "make frinky look perverted too" shit.. i guess it can't be avoided
  16. see, i'm sure you were home free until you hocked a loogy in there... thats like a girl being alright with anal sex, but then some asshole pushes it and like...wants to spit in her spead asshole or something... some people take erotic shit to some weird unsanitary level its all unsanitary but I would rather drink a gallon of poon juice than have you hock a loogy in my mouth
  17. i really like this one cause its 3 lower case a's...in one! what value!
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