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  1. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    hey, thats me.
  2. nemersion

    antibacterial care for razor wire wound

    i like advise delivered through cuss words. you dumbfuck! anyway, dude, ferilla, go get a tetnus shot. it dont matter if it was rusty, all sorts of shit could be on that wire.
  3. nemersion

    Leave OJ alone

    that article sucked. i like orange juice though.
  4. a lotta what con said......shit. also... i love how she cries because of my songs i love how she gets my sense of humor i love how she smiles i love how she makes me little crafty things saying how much she loves me i love how she's so honest i love how she KNOWS we'll get married sadly...as of late.....things have gotten shitty.....
  5. nemersion

    AOL instant messenger is sexy

    whats yr screen name. me? polishing halos dutch stinky
  6. nemersion

    depression & emo music

    shit. thats the most profound thing i've ever read. how conveniant that this comes when i have to write a definition essay on the word love.
  7. nemersion

    depression & emo music

    know how that goes....
  8. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    thats so true its not even funny. i cant remember the last time graffiti REALLY inspired me to do shit. but most of what we see as beauty is based on the human body. might as well throw some shit in..... guess ads: http://www.guess.com/Images/hmpg/image2.jpg'> http://www.guess.com/Images/hmpg/image1.jpg'> http://www.guess.com/Images/Women/women_img2.jpg'> mucha: http://www.primenet.com/~byoder/amdawn.jpg'> frederick lord leighton http://www.primenet.com/~byoder/fljune.jpg'> http://www.primenet.com/~byoder/flinvoc.jpg'>
  9. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    holy fuck. seeking wins. also....post more fucking siloe. also again....prada ad's are fucking pure inspiration as well.
  10. nemersion

    8mm production

    comp is a fucking video pimp. he knows his shit and puts it to use. no wonder he won Total Techy for the senior class...nerd.
  11. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    art nouveau is bomb.
  12. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    im glad someone posted sielo's characters.....amazing shit, always been another inspiration.
  13. nemersion

    who inspires you?

    mucha has been my main inspiration for the last few months. hess as well. god damn. im glad other people appreciate mucha as much as i do. im just glad i found out about him before this post....so i wouldnt feel like such a tool. dont sleep on mucha. for some reason this post has put me in a weird/good mood. i think its funny how much of us dig mucha. other influences.....japanese art. the prints mainly. also....evan hecox, guess models, furniture, mk12. thats all i can think of.
  14. nemersion


    what the fuck. explain this. is that the dad from alf?
  15. nemersion


    ya'll read my girl trouble post.... i just hate how fucking confusing shit gets when you love a girl. fuck me.