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  1. the only lessson to be learned here is... never let a girl let you take her virginity....always, ALWAYS, steal that shit by any means possible, knocking her out, forcing her to do coke untill she passes out, paralyze her, beat her to the point where she is almost dead, then take it...so you wont be considered a necro...well even when shes dead, jus not after 10 hours after death..just use alot of vasoline. the bitch dont have to be moving for you too get a nut off. tacobellbomberwillnotbeheldresponsibleforanyonewhodoestheseactsandhelovesfatbitches.
  2. dude i think u met you, im not sure tho.. i was wit this dude epic, and i think he tried to sell you cigs. for like lik 8$ a pack..and then you made fun of his mother or somthing..
  3. post more death clips so i can get my masterbation on.
  4. i found it funny, expecially when the baby was crying....that guy was stupid..dumbass hat too.
  5. theres only one reason a man would have an expression like that, and throwing his arms in the air...there is something being inserted into his asshole.
  6. frate raper-dude were u at underpressure?
  7. hahahaha. QUOTE]Originally posted by gfreshsushi they went to the bathroom together, i went in ten minutes later.
  8. ted you arent as flawless as you think you are playa. thats right. on aim about 3 min. ago. (teds screenname) (9:09:11 PM): the keys are all spongey, like the inside of a man's asshole, an asshole i'd love to analyy explore because im gay and enjoy sex with other men this is no joke, he really said it.
  9. haha ted kings this shit.....cant wait to catch you slippin one day in person, ill clown you forever.
  10. smartest response to any question ever asked. question-"who assinated lincoln?" answer- "punch.them.both.in.the.grill" it works with everything..listen. being that your a friend im gonna give u some advice Mr. W. ALWAYS KILL THE GIRL AFTER YOU HAVE SEX WITH HER AND THEN MASTERBATE ONTO HER CORPSE AFTER IT SITS IN YOUR BED FOR 11 DAYS. THATS WHATS GOOD.
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