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  1. at the prom party a few years back i drank a whole fucking bottle of this shit....i thought i was going to die....then the cops broke up the party so i pretended i was sleeping on the couch...they woke me up and said time to go home...so i get up and start walking, i bumped into a cop, almost fell down a flight of stairs and then my friend grabbed me and took me home...i dont know how the fuck i got home cause he didnt know where i lived, the smell of that shit makes me cringe
  2. i dunno about free beer...my apartment is about as big as a nazi oven...
  3. this shit is too funny inkjunkie:ninja chop to jucerock's miniscule nuttsack jucerock:dude i think you just made me your bitch inkjunkie:if ya want to fuck around, ya gets dealt wit bitch junkie/the next shakespeare
  4. if the mods think this will cause too much shit they can close it, people can take this as a joke if they want to...cant be too big of a deal...for some reason i was actually expecting seeking amongst others to say tease, i dont know why, oh well, if you dont like it..dont post
  5. how about punching the shit out of bobbi's muff...sound appetizing?
  6. if you could fight anybody on 12oz, who would you fight, ...i hope this doesnt start any shit...
  7. i know...i just saw the movie right before i posted...i noticed your post right after i posted....whoops
  8. its only for two weeks, but, i have the apartment to myself, and a buttload of friends, lets see if i can get us evicted...
  9. jesus fucking christ...i just posted about this flick, damnit, anyway that fucking movie was great, too many girls talking during the movie, so i pulled out my 9mm and said one of you bitches is about to get pistol whipped
  10. :confused: maybe i shouldve clicked on the link
  11. anyone ever see this flick, to tell you the truth, i loved the movie, for some reason it grabbed my cancer ridden testicles and pulled me in.....feed back please
  12. so my girlfriend left today for london, shes going to be gone for two weeks, i've got nothing to do...its weird, i dont think i've been away from her for mor than a day or so since we first got together...we act like we hate each other...but now i miss her...oh well, party at my place where the fuck are the balloons at for my 800th post?
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