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  1. lots of ill shit. thse heaven fliks are hot to death.
  2. nice stuff. i caught a few of these the other night. ps, yo spif drop me an email asap. peace
  3. im becoming a real lowlife....ive been hooking up with like 4-5 girls for the past couple weeks and none of em know each other..i started stealing stuff again. insted of paying for a washer ive just been throwing what i want washed into other peoples machines and taking it out before they get back and doing the same thing with dryers..ive basically stopped doing any school work i have..i just signed a lease on an apt and dont even have a job...sooo low tell me about being a lowlife, maybe some things i can try
  4. bump for this. as it happens my choice to leave school might be made for me...i might be getting kicked out for plagerism..haha
  5. should i take a year off from school and try to establish residency in california?? does anyone have any experience with this....thats all..now answer
  6. white shirts werent even part of this topic. let them get their own..this is about black and grey, in my opinion the only 2 shirt colors that matter.
  7. yea on some you actually meet girls who will show you their things.
  8. black shirts all the way you fucks.
  9. what other message boards are you guys on?? the only other one i really post on is centerfuse. im on friendster too..haha..terrible though
  10. can we seeyour tits or something so this isnt a total loss of a thread?
  11. new bike today i "borrowed" a new bike..a little air in the backtire and im in business..."borrowed" stuff is amazing.
  12. tonights game was in-fuckin-credible...nuff said.
  13. i hate toronto with all thats left of me. they take more falls...fudfopgj[wuvtj flyers bbbbbbaaaaaby
  14. you trustedher...never ever do that..learned it the hardway several time. the only thing ex-gf's are good for is dying and the occasional piece of ass. sorry if im jaded. but i am.
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