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  1. fuck i wanna move to toronto so bad.... cuz i want it all or nothing at all theres no left to fall when you reach the bottom its now or never is it all or are we just friends is this how it ends with a simple telephone call you leave me with nothing....word Otowns new song is the shit
  2. hey. does anyone know about or is anyone a member..meaning does anyone have the musicianfriend.com charge card thing. the platinum member shit. this kid at my work kinda turned me on to it. sounds dope, i can get everything at my door and pay monthly with no interest in the first 6 months...sounds good, but im not sure. im just wondering if anyone has this and can tell me if its as good a deal as it seems. i dont wanna get it then they hit me with some hidden shit i didnt know about and i end up paying all this money. word. i dont know shit about credit cards or anything thats why im asking im dumb. thanks for the help i get.
  3. why even do that if your gonna buy the music at and indie record store...all the indie record stores here have turntables and cd players set up so you can listen to anything you want, even shit in the plastic as long as you have them open it. so instead of listening to half a second listen to the whole thing...
  4. "Hiphop is based on FUNK. That means the bulk of most anticon, etc. style tracks are not hiphop. I'm all for bending the rules but once you start breaking the basic constants that define the music, it's not hiphop anymore." i read that on this other message board and i think its a crap statement. thats like saying...if your dont sound like the average hiphop sound then your not hiphop. ill say that some anticon shit is out there but still its hiphop..be it werido hiphop or not..i think its hiphop. what is hiphop musically...beats and rhymes to the simplest form...i guess you can apply that to all music but i think you know what i mean.anticon has beats and rhymes. so saying you have to be funky to be hiphop..well basically thats limiting hiphop.which i think is wack. im sure no one will reply to this with anything other then....fuck another hiphop thread boring..but oh well also i dont mean for this to be an anticon thread..that was just the example given so thats what i used. my arguement in this was against the basic point they tried to put across, not about how hiphop anticon is. also jagged edge "lets get married" remix is the song of the decade. bump it in yo jeep with your women and sing along with the song to her. fuck cheating, everyone get married. [This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 09-18-2001).]
  5. Whatever it takes. a good movie. oh boy is it good. http://movieweb.com/movie/whateverit/co1.jpg'> http://movieweb.com/movie/whateverit/co7.jpg'> Also the song lets get married by jagged edge is the mo fuckin shit kids. seriously the remix is good good..well the run dmc part sucks and i skip over it but the song is fucking like woah. word. droppin wisdom like pancakes
  6. seeking i dont think we were bombed. or did i miss something. also for everyone saying shit like..america had this comming we did alot of fucked up shit...its not like we did that stuff laughing about it like it was cool..there were reasons why it was done. and no one reply telling me im stupid and telling me why it was done becuase not one of you know why it was done. i dont know why it was done. but the reason we are as free as we are and we have nice lives...compared to fucking shit citys and living in the desert like alot of countrys...is becuase america does shit like that. so when you give up all of your belongings and live in the desert with only stuff you provide for yourself can you take judgement on america. that or MOVE OUT OF THIS "HORRIBLE FUCKED UP COUNTRY THAT FUCKS WITH OTHER COUNTRYS..." if you dont like it then leave. and im not talking to anyone specifically just people are so quick to jump to oh fuck america we deserved it....yea im stupid but hey its 420 am. yay [This message has been edited by Chicken George (edited 09-14-2001).]
  7. ...i heard some arabs were throwing rocks at it. anyways...who is down with that new christina milian joint. that shits bumpin. and that new baby face song...the song sucks but when he performed it on jay leno shit was bangin. neptunes might as well be crackers with their wack beats. word from am to pm.
  8. ho im reffering to the people complaining about graffiti.
  9. 1. i hear alot of talk on how the government plans on getting the money to tighten up security and do all the shit they need to do to get things resolved. my answer is...take 60% of the money from the war on drugs which is losing..and put it to the war against terrorist and do some good with it. 2. i live near a military base. so if we do have a war, well fuck there goes my town. the businesses here thrive on the military as far as sales go. the military makes up a LARGE ammount of the people who buy from the businesses here, so when theres a war they all leave, thus the businesses have no business and the town and most of its people are fucked. 3.all you people whining about wah wah our privacy will be taken away blah blah blah wah they might see me sending graffiti pictures over the internet. shut the fuck up. nothing they will do is gonna effect you that much...unless your hobby is sneaking bombs on planes nothing will really change in your life. when they talk about the internet and monitoring it...im pretty sure graffiti isnt on any of there minds..im sure they dont give a fuck.....i think the US has bigger problems to worry about then graff. so stop whining about that shit. when they put down 5 pm curfews and take away your drivers license you can whine. just my thoughts.
  10. has anyone seen that movie mmm fuck i dont remember the name. it had denzel washington in it. it was pretty similar to this event in a way. i believe some middle eastern people blew up the fbi building maybe? and all this stuff happened typical action movie... but the thing in the movie was the guys that blew up the building were actually trained by the united states and inturn used what they learned against the united states. i found that interesting. what do you people know about this school of the americas i guess its called.
  11. mmmmm i didnt hear that. but still that doesnt explain the loud boom heard shortly before. also i was heard the terrorist took over with razors...now i know i cant really say anything becuase i dont know the circumstances but 60 people can easily overthrow 4 guys with razors....
  12. the plane that crashed in PA in the woods... i think the us government shot the plane down. "a loud boom was heard shortly before the plane crashed...." as sad as it may be...60 deaths is better then 2000....and they did have jets flying around and were aware of the plane being hijacked im sure.. just my theory though.
  13. 1. they have cooler hair. nappyness is the joint 2.they can wear dirty tims and make them look cool..white boys in tims look like fools. 3.they can rock camoflague without looking like junior marines. 4.they can talk funny and make it sound really dope..im not talking about hizzy and off the cheesy mo weezy whatever..im talking about normal slang that the white boy has fucked up. 5. black people are scarier..i laugh at white Gs but i move to the other side of the mall when the tim stompin dreadlock comes my way. 6.white boys use bongs, black kids are down with the blunt. 7.white kids dont have flow and even when they do they look stupid in their dragon ball z tshirt..... 8.black people can rock gold teeth. white boys just get cavitys from eating candy 9.black people dont even need school they can slang..white boys on the corner would just beat beat down for their funds. disclaimer: not all black people are cool. only the das efxish thug pies. and if your white and upset im sorry try getting a tan and try again. wodie. later
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