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Christ Puncher Oner

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  1. Christ Puncher Oner

    C-P'S UP HOEZ DOWN!!!!!!

    yo what up mafuckas!! yo i jus now hopped up on the new board like a mafuckin skater on smack an yo this shit is fire freal! yo this shit is like san andreas on the mafuckin internet an shit! yo mad new shits! yo CP you got a misson homie! yo hop in the nigga swiffs ride an go bust on some funny style versaci ass niggas over in duty free! yo yall shuld shange that shit to BOOTY FREE cause mafuckas up in there aint gettin no pussy! yo you know why? yo cause them mafuckas is GIZZAAYYYYYYYYYYYY! yo BUCKA BUCKA BUCKA!! haha! yo im just playn them mafuckas is cool too i guess but not really though but yo freal this shit is off the chain like nas stolen medallions! yo big ups to the mafuckas runnin this shit cause yo yalls is some real ass peoples an shit. yo if yall was my crew yo wed be laced like sherm dipped bidis iced out on 40 inch spinnaz please believe! yo 100% gangsta shit but with a lil bit a smooth shit too cause you know how mafuckas like me be doin it! yo ill punch a bitch then fuck a bitch cause yo on the real FUCK A BITCH!! yo bone crusha status son! yo C PLEEZER aint neva scared ya heard! C-C-C-C-C UNITTTTTTT! yo but on the real i got some agenda type shit to kick to yall real quick tho. yo you know i be comin thru stompin in ma big black boots like throwback ice cube jams but yo im on some next level shit ya heard. yo its almost 2005 an shit yo thats trippin word up! yo i know yall prolly think im just on some get money make money take money yo money was talkin shit? yo watch me break money shit an yo thats the real shit ya heard. yo ill fuck up anybody messin with mines! yo if you doubt the kid come see the kid word up! yo i straight cut mafuckas heads off like kill bill cept it wont be bill itll be you if you doubt me word up! yo step up an fall down yo i leave mafuckas twisted like jamacan hair please believe! yo dred lock this dick bitch! but yo it aint even just about that shit yo im on some conshus shit too ya heard. yo i be doin shit in my community or whatever helpin old bitchs cross the street an gettin cats outa trees an shit. yo superman status word up cause yo mafuckin politicans dont got no love for everyday mafuckas liek us. yo fuck them fake ass internet wankstas! yo them is the type a mafuckas that if they was emcees yo they would be spittin nuthin but lies on the mic! yo they be bustin mafuckas for mad illegal shit yo an maken them mafuckas dissapear just so they can steel that whole mafuckas steelo! yo CB4 ass mafuckas! yo gorge bush aint even real yo! yo he stole his whole shit from ma man lil gaffla! yo RIP! yo that mafucka was real yo freal! yo piliticans can eat dick straight up. an yo for them faggot ass politicans yo they can eat pussy cause them mafuckas would be likin that dick all up in they grill like they was brushin they teeth in man sauce! yo fuck that shit i aint tryin to make it easy on em word up. yo im tryin to come hard an be out yo an thats some double meanin shit right there! yo i bet most a yall cant even peep the science! yo CHRIS PLIZZARD be a walkin hand grenade yo pull the pin throw that shit an KABOOOOOOMMMMM guess who stepped in the room?! yo its tha mafuckin S S DOUBLE DOUBLE U TO THE V TO THE C H R I S T! yo yall aint even know what hit em when the CPUNCHA hit em! but yo i forgot what the fuck i came up in here for so yo ima just bounce up out this shit like baby kangaroos breakin outa cages an shit. yo big ups to the mafuckas makin this shit right here go round an big ups to the mafuckas puttin it down. yo i know some a yall shook ass bitchs is sittin there right now doubtin the kid but yo i understand that shit cause you aint neva met a mafucka like me yo! yo im like the mafuckin fire spittin dragon a this here shit. yo the mafuckin terrible lizzard tyransoris rex a this mack money murdah shit! yo i bite mafuckas in they throat like a dracula then have these mafuckin koreans turn em into dunks! yo see me on ebay bitches! limited edition status. yo playboy bunnies swallowin dick like hungry hungry hippos! yo but no fat bitches strictly dimes ya heard! yo fuck a dinosar im the hue hefner a this shit! yo see me!! CHRIST PUNCHER I FUCK BITCHES FOR LOOT ONER!!!!!!!!!!! yo i almost forgot yo like ma man 50 cent said yo vote or die mafuckas! yo an thats real shit! yo this mafucka tap dancin on keys right now like mafuckin fred astare an pablo escobar yo i finna be votin word up! yo i dont make change i punch mafuckas an take that shit an yo fuck change i take big face bills yo funny colored money tweens an hundos no doubt! ghost!
  2. Christ Puncher Oner

    <<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support SuperThread >>>

    Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> see mafucker you so gay you post lil pictures of your self openin up an beggin for this dick. you homo you gonna walk to the bank an proly let a dude fuck you nastay ass mafucker.
  3. Christ Puncher Oner

    <<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support SuperThread >>>

    Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> motherfuckr i would set your bitch ass on fire an take your nerd ass computer motherfucker. yo you gay ass dick suckin funny style poindextr ass bitch yo maybe i should make your ho ass mom by me that shit instead of all this gear the bitch be copn for me. yo when you kiss your mom you kiss my dick faggot! ill bet you got mad pictures of lil boys fuckin monkeys on your shit nasty ass faggot mafucker.
  4. Christ Puncher Oner

    RIP The Inventor of Chicken Nuggets

    yo that shit is fucked up. yo if you think about it yo i grew up eatin them shits like5 times a weak an shit so yo if this dude aint been alive to invent this shit yo i wouldnt be alive to type this shit. yo thats bugged the fuck out. RIP SON.
  5. Christ Puncher Oner

    <<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support SuperThread >>>

    Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> yo i aint tryin to hear all that shit just tell me how todo that shit or eat dick yo you got two choices an if one of em aint fixin my situaton then it must be cause you busy suck suck suckin a mafuckas dick an shit. yo no homo but you gay mafucka.
  6. yo friday yo that shit was funny as hell yo i laudhed at that shit word.
  7. Re: the official 12oz 'is it cooler to be an attention whore, or a whore whore?' thread yo i wont even lie to yall mafuckas yo i got a cousin who gots a pussy id beat the fuck up like that shit called me some sorta bad ass name. but yo she aint like my real cousin well yo ya she is but my aunti an my ma they dont talk so it she kinda aint realy my cousin no more but whateva man. holls.
  8. Christ Puncher Oner

    what's the craziest looking animal?

    Re: what's the craziest looking animal? yo yall know about some wild ass shit! yo that shit be buggin me the fuck out yo im out.
  9. Christ Puncher Oner

    How long can you survive on the autobahn?

    yo that game is mad gay yo they should make it so you ggettin dome while you whippin that sht yo but matter of fac you it dont matter cause i got a freaky ass broad who be lovin to suck a dick real nice like when i be drivin an yo i aint drivin right now cause im typin at yall but yo if i plaed that shit an was like yo freak come swallow this fat ass thang right here shed be like yup yup an thats how that shit wuld go down yo. yo anyway i played that shit an died like mad quick yo fuck that game. yo i think this keybord thing got peanuttbuttr or some shit on it cause the arrows be movin gay. yo fuck this ima look at hoes.
  10. Christ Puncher Oner

    <<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support SuperThread >>>

    Re: «<< 12Oz Computer Tech Support >>> yo i aint tryin to read a bunch a shit but yo one of yall mafuckers maybe got some shit i need to know an yo thats thsi shit right here yo i aint got my own computer a nothin but i use the one at my cousin house but they always be bullshittn an not lettin me check shit cause yo they tryin to play some faggy ass starship games an shit mafuckin controllers like zap zap an shit killin these crazy ass space aliens an shit. but yo um heres the shit um yo is there a way that like i can make that shit so they shit go in reverse kinda but like what i mean is so whenthey tryin to shoot the alien it like mafuckin bounce off that bitch an kill them a some shit so then they be deaded game over an shit an yo then i can fuck with 120z an peep out titties an try to mack sluts on myspace cause yo that is the real shit naw mean! yo i swear straight up if you the type a half a faggot mafucka who cant get no bitchs numbes down at the mall or whateva yo if you get on myspace its like hoes be throwin the pussy at you like a lasso a some shit yo mata fact fuck that they throwin no pussy lasso they throwin the asshole lasso cause yo them hoes be straight puttin it on the glass an lettin you gut em the fuck out like fish an shit. yo straight up fish an chips a bitch! yo thats real them giko mafuckas should straight up change that shit from frrre pie an chips to free dick suckn bitch an shit cause yo i aint got no insurance bt straight id cop me a bitch for free ya heard! yo anyway yeah man if some of yall could lemme know how i can sabotag they game or brake that shit or something that would be mad helpful word up. yo i dont know the name a that shit but it got this bad ass gun in it shit blasts shit yo i kinda like the game but no homo i aint no faggot so i like titties more than that shit ya heard! yo anyway thats my shit lace a mafucka for rilla! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA A B UP DOWN UP FUCK A SLUT IIN HER BUTT LIKE WHAT!!
  11. Christ Puncher Oner

    The new 12oz.

    yo ima be real this white shit got my eyes hurtin like a bitch in the last 2 minutes of a porn flic naw mean?! yo straight up i gotta wear sunglasses an shit. yo eyes whylin out like nick cannon at a method man concert ya yeard. yo trippin like oh shit an shit. yo other than that shit i aint even mad at the lil google ads or whatever but yo the shit thats got me mad is they just be havin the same shit over an over an shit yo like thats mad inifective like what if i really had some shit i was tryin to check for yo they could hook that shit an save me some mafuckin word ya heard. yo they should have all types of different shit up there like some shit mafuckas might be into like mafuckin spray paint rusto ads or fuckin mickeys big mouth bottles ya heard! yo them mafuckers them shits thats shaped like gernades that shit is nice. but yo as i said i aint trippin about this new shit really its aight. yo im just glad to be back cause yo i aint been up hurr in a minute so yall be cool ima smoke some shit an peep some shit an i aint been around in a while but yo ima be here like whateva man so yo check that shit out freal. HOLLER C PIZZLE BLINDED BY THE WHITE LIKE SCARFACE AN SHIT
  12. Christ Puncher Oner

    Morked for Death

    This is an amazing movie. If I'm ever a very successful rapper on Mtv Cribs, I'm gonna have an entire Marked for Death room in my house.
  13. Christ Puncher Oner

    Morked for Death

  14. Christ Puncher Oner


    I'd go see this if Milla went with me and I got to fondle her na-na underneath a coat laid across her lap. Equilibrium is on right now. I've never seen it, but this opening with the black room and all the gun shots is pretty cool.
  15. Christ Puncher Oner

    graff fonts

    Obviously you guys have never looked into fonts. These are actually pretty cheap. Joker takes the cake.
  16. Christ Puncher Oner

    THE JACKETS THREAD (w/ special appearences by...

    I think it's the sizes, not the patterns.
  17. Christ Puncher Oner

    joe rogan......

    Weren't you going to waste your time getting beat up just so you could give someone on the internet HIV? Wouldn't that make you king of all douches? *edit, messed up the quote.
  18. Christ Puncher Oner

    the moody blues

    My Mom used to play them all the time when I was a kid. They're good, but they're no Roxy Music.
  19. Christ Puncher Oner

    I want to see YOU.

    I'd post a picture of myself but I don't want to steal all your white women.
  20. Christ Puncher Oner

    feeding monkeys

    Once i found $10 dollars at an amusement park, but then when i went to put it in my pocket with the rest of my money, i realized it was my ten and I'd dropped it a few minutes earlier. That kind of ruined the excitment for me.
  21. Christ Puncher Oner

    Hey, Morrissey Fans,

    Am I the only one who finds it strange that this guy is writing graphic gay porn stories in order to show that someone else is gay? I like some of the Smiths stuff, but most of it is a little too depressing for me. If anyone cares.
  22. Christ Puncher Oner

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    i saw a cheetah once.
  23. Christ Puncher Oner

    Bruno Sammartino Refuses Hall of Fame

    when i found out wrestling was fake i was mad but then i didnt care anymore and i dont watch it now cause its pretty stupid. i like hockey alot.
  24. Christ Puncher Oner

    Auckland, New Zealand

    id be mad if someone painted my car. well unless it was smebody really sweet. then id be like ok.
  25. Christ Puncher Oner


    who cares about toasters why is this guy drawing a piece on another guys stomach?? and how come the Q looks like a blown out butthole with a used condom falling out??? man you guys are crazy like mnm.