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Fire Works Factory... on fire.

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Fireworks factories overseas don't have nearly the same regulations on safety as US based factories do. On the other hand, nobody would locate such a business in the US because of the insane amount of red tape and regulations regarding storage and manufacture here.


That video was really cool, that last explosion was probably some bulk salutes or star mix going critical. I'll pass this along to my friends...

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Holy Jesus. What a fucking trooper that guy was, eh? I hope he didn't

get hurt. Even after that first big blue shot knocked him on his ass, he

got up and kept filming. That last bang was insane though.. it looked as

if the shockwave alone sent a nuke-like blast of debris out of the factory.

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Holey-moley.....that was some fantastic footage.


It reminded me of some insane Neon-Genesis Evangelion battle. I kept expecting some lokked out mecha to come roaring outta all that smoke


Great great link.


If there is a 12oz award for best link of the year.....this is it.

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