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  1. that is absolutely true barry. if they carry on and progress they will look back and wonder why the fuck they showed the world how wank they are
  2. leicester lads check this out.. and to the young heads please don't leave shit loads of pointless messages etc http://www.piczo.com/racee
  3. who said you could use that footage like, infact who said ya could even have that footage, ????? Quoted post [/b] why don't you read what he put underneath about any one having a problem with it being on here before ranting like some cunt. i think it was pretty decent of him to ask . so if you have a problem with it why not just ask for it to be taken down like the man said. simple really
  4. possibly the nicest thing i have seen crime do
  5. the last four pics you posted pom . more more more. brings back memory's mate
  6. this is to birdie,s comment . how can any one ruin this thread???? its a complete embaressment to any decent writers that came out of derby. i feel for you older lot . pure wackness, close the thread and start it again in a few years when you have actually got some practice behind you . i doubt any one wants to see most of this stuff..
  7. you have been watching to much football factory pal. you in derby not the smoke . get a grip
  8. shut it you fagget. just cos you found a couple of twatty derby things that take the piss out of forest does not mean you have to bring it here. i hope your mum gets aids and dies a very slow and horrible death .. and before you reply with some slaggy comment think first cos you being derby an that it won't take long to find out who you are , and i will punch your head in.. now fuck off and die
  9. did alert from notts do this :biglaugh:
  10. good to see you back gren .
  11. espicially liking this flick. shows how big and chilled the place is
  12. no mate the bottom three are at the arches..
  13. yeah nice orco stuff. good to see that spot get painted also ;)
  14. summat from leicester.. got more will dig them out ;)
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