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The other ink recipe threads are dying, and nobody wants to read through 10 pages to find what they want. Therefore I decided to start a new one. This thread is intended for those who don't know much about ink to start learning. I'm giving it my best shot to answer all of your questions.


Now, lets take a primer in Ink 101.



There's two main things you can use as a base for your recipe: inks/dyes, or bucket paint. Ink and bucket paint do not mix with each other.


If you're into getting custom colors that no one else has, get yourself some small containers of bucket paint. Two recommended brands are Rustoleum and One-Shot. While most people have heard of Rusto and know of it for its thickness, One Shot is less well known but has a lot of nice colors and comes out super glossy or metallic. Sign painters use it for their work; it's tough shit and it contains lead, so be careful. Bucket paint is not as permanent as a lot of inks, and really does not stain too well at all, but it usually will not weather away quickly and is still slightly hard to buff. Make sure you get oil-based. You can't put paint in most markers, so it's recommended that you put it in a mop, preferably a Kiwi. If you want more drips, be sure to thin out the paint with mineral spirits. Do NOT thin with xylene if your mop is plastic, as xylene eats plastic away.


Onto the inks. If you're into shit that stains hard, love the colors black and/or violet, and want your shit to last long and sink deep into the surface, this is the shit for you. Pretty much every ink is alcohol based, as is leather dye. Marsh ink is about the most well known in the US. In my experiences, it's not that much different from Pilot ink, though a little more expensive and slightly harder to buff (but it's not going to make much of a difference). Anyways, ink looks good on a wall, flows well through the marker, and is relatively hard to buff, but usually won't stain hard or leave a ghost. Now, on to leather dye. This is the shit when it comes to nice colors, leaving a nasty stain, and being some of the hardest shit to buff. So why don't you just use leather dye as ink and leave out the Marsh/Pilot ink? Well, truth is, it looks like fucking water color paint when applied to a wall, and it doesn't flow as well. You gotta mix it with ink. Some popular brands are Griffin, which you can find at Walgreens, and Fiebing's. The hardest staining colors made by Fiebing's are violet and red. Be very careful when handling this shit - if it drips anywhere in the house, it's damn hard to clean off. Now on to brake fluid. Why do people use brake fluid in there recipes ? Brake fluid is corrossive and eats through paint and into the wall, kind of like what etch does to glass, except not as permanent. Anyways, it's good stuff. You can find it at Walgreens, also. Make sure you get DOT3 and don't add too much into your recipe.


Now, the recipes.



Get a jar. Put in either Pilot ink or Marsh as your base, and add some Griffin, less than or equal to the amount of Pilot. Now get some Fiebing's leather dye, and add it to the batch, preferably red or purple, as they stain the hardest. Next, get some brake fluid, and give a generous amount - not too little, but definitely not too much as it will affect the flow. Mix that shit around. You can also try boiling them together and then using a thinner, as they'll thicken when heated. Personally, I've never tried heating / boiling any of my inks. If you want, you can try adding Gentian Violet or Methylene Blue (the additive).


Next, put it in your marker. Let's pretend you have a Pilot, since they're the easiest to refill and one of the best markers around. Simply unscrew the top, and drop some ink in there until it's slightly overflowing above the cotton. Now, screw the top back on, open the marker and let the ink drop through the nib and land back into the jar. This will get the nib nice and juicey. You can also put this into a mop. This shit is going to stain hard and leave a ghost once its buffed, so the only way to really get rid of it is paint over it (and certain things just don't get painted over, signs for instance).



This ones for homemade Krink. Krink is a recipe made by KR from New York ; you can buy his shit off http://www.fourthehardway.com or get more info at http://www.krink.com . He charges 15 bucks ; if you want to know the exact proportions to the recipe, buy some and let the ingrediants settle over time and seperate. Anyways, this is some of the easiest shit to make yourself at home. First, get some Rusto Aluminum paint. Its nice and silver. Next get some Paint thinner. Mix it to whatever proportion you want - the more thinner, the more drippy. You can also add a little bit of brake fluid, for staining power, and aluminum dust for shines.



This is a recipe I typed awhile back in the Tools of the Trade thread.




- Chapstick container.

- Pilot ink, or whatever you prefer.

- A candle and matches.

- A felt chalk board eraser.

- An eyedropper (comes with Pilot ink).


1. Get the chapstick container, empty out the chapstick and clean out the container.


2. Melt some wax into it from the candle, so that the bottom is sealed and won't leak any ink.


3. Put in your ink of choice with the eyedropper. i used pilot because it's cheap and flows fine.


3. Get the felt eraser. Rip off one of the strips. cut it about 1/4. Shove that bit into the container, just make sure you can get the cap back on.


4. Finally, get the eyedropper back out and drip some ink onto the nib until it becomes juicy. After that you're ready to go. When the nib gets dry, rejuice it with the eye dropper and ink.



Any questions are welcome. I'm constantly answering them and editing the front page to contain more information.

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im guessing he meant something like smash ink when mentioning xylene but for the most part xylene is used for thinning paint and itll eat the fuck out of any plastic based mop/marker if you leave it l

Reading this reminds me of a 10+ years ago when I passed out with this chick after a party and the mop in my pocket exploded and got all over her dress and legs. She was stained for days on end. Never

man missed this thread....havnt been in here since 2007...ha..welll prison does that

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Originally posted by ARCEL

what's nero like ? sorry if i already asked you that


I can't really tell you firsthand, because I've never used any of those Euro inks (unless you consider Fiebing's euro, because that shit is mentioned in the same sentence as 'transit' and 'corio' alot). I'm sure the euroheads could tell you, but from what I've heard it's pretty stainy when you add the additive and black as hell.

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Originally posted by sofarok

Does the brake fluid thing really work, i have tried it a few times and it just add a nasty oily tinge to whatever ink i use, doesnt seem to want mx wit the ink....


1. make sure its DOT3, the other one's don't have the corossiveness to them.


2. make sure you don't put too much in.

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Originally posted by why write?

i tried re-fillin a pilot by unscrewin da top and pourin stuff in it, but it doesnt seem to wanna flow out and its pissin me off cus ive tried it many times...can anyone help me wit dis problem or tell me wut im doin wrong?


you have the unscrewing the top and pouring the ink in right. what you need to do is have the marker slightly overflowing. than carefully screw it back on and turn the marker upside down, over the ink jar or a toilet or something. the ink should drip out of the tip for a little bit - once it takes like 6 seconds between each drip, screw the marker back up. the nib should be extra juicy this way, just make sure you don't store it anywhere upside down.

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Originally posted by 26SidedCube

You're all going to have dirty bathrooms....


(circa A Christmas Story)


hahaha.. speaking of which, if you worry about staining mom's new kitchen sink, take your grimey inks to the trashy fast food restaurant and stealthily mix / refill shit there. get the kind of bathroom that's designed only to have one person in it.

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Guest schick1

bassicly at first i didnt feel like sharing my ink recipe with some 12 year old who never busted a tag but im bored so i dont give a shit anymore...

the be all end all of all inks:

take any solvent based ink...


marsh t grade and rolmark

feibings..... purple is by far the best.


random leather dyes



pilot or omega

raven oil.

mix them all together, now get a pot you can ruin and slowly boil the ink, make sure you havent added anything to the ink yet.

stop boiling it before it turns into a paste.


step 2 with your new thick mix of inks add some petroleum distilates i use kerosine, but paint thinner will be fine.

add fish oil but not to much or your ink will never dry.


step 3 add blue and purple additive(like id let you know their chemical name) you dont need that much...this is the most important part.


stir and now fill your marker and have fun........

ok some of you swear by brake fluid i personlly think from my own experience that adding it doesnt help tags leave ghosts after being buffed but thats me, so if you think that shit works add it...........

now i will not explain what anything in hear is so if you dont know too fucking bad and if you cant come up on additive too bad.

this ink is what kings use so if you dont know now you know nigga. your welcome

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gentian violet is an antiseptic, so you can get it at some drug stores. methylene blue is a stain they use to look at shit in microscopes, so you have to steal it from science class or get it from a sceince supply store. i found some methlyne blue in science class once, and it didn't seem to do shit.

oh yeah, potassium permanganate is used in fish ponds to disinfect.


brake fluid dosen't seem to do shit either, but i put a couple drops in my marker anyway.

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Originally posted by rubbish heap

gentian violet, methylene blue. like any kids in the US are going to find this shit anyway without getting it off the internet or mail order (that is based in europe).



i got that methlyene blue in my science class, used dat shit today.....

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upon further investigation... i called walgreens and asked if they carried gentian violet. the guy working there had no idea what i was talking about, so he forwarded me to the manager, who was dumbfounded and forwarded me to the pharmacist. turns out you can get that shit special order, over the counter in a small bottle for 10 dollars. i think i just may try it... :crazy:

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What Went Wrong?


Maybe someone can help me on this. I had a pilot supercolor marker and i used it all up. I had nothing else and I really needed a marker to go out with my friends one night. All I had was some griffin. So I unscrewed the top and poured some griffin in. The cotton soaked it all up so I poured a little more in. I repeated this process until I noticed I had almost poured half the bottle of griffin into the marker. I figured it was time to stop and try it out. I turned it upside down and held it like that for a minute or two to start it off with a nice juicy tip to test on my wall. Then I turned it upright again. I opened the top and BLAM. The shit is dripping from the tip like a fucking ocean is packed inside it. This stains my beatiful linoleum flooring and makes mom real mad. Im really interested in why this happened? I always hear how pilots are the easiest marker to modify and shit. Everytime I open the marker it starts dripping like a motherfucker. I would really like to use this marker because it could be dope as fuck if one of you can tell me how to fix this. Thanks in advance.






Hey, also as you can see from my upper post that I'm not very educated with homemade markers and such... and I dont mean to be a bother to those who get pissed of by constant threads made about this matter but I'm just asking here so I can personally be assisted with it instead of making a whole new thread for it. How do I get the nib on? Do I super glue it? Do I just keep stuffing it until it stays in place? Once again I dont mean to be a bother but I would really appreciate someone politely answering this instead of busting my balls and calling me a toy. So huge props to whoever can do this for a brotha. Thanks again in advance.



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