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  1. This is my 20th year here (18th with this account). I come back once in a blue moon to check in. It's not the same, probably because I'm not the same. I always notice when I'm down in life I come back because I find comfort here to when life was simpler. When I created this account in 2003 I was fresh out of jail and broke, now I make all the money I can dream of and not impressed with life. Random Thots.
  2. Editing photos, Listening to some Cody Jinks 🙂
  3. Why is everyone in Detroit so angry. Been like that since I used to paint there as a youngin' 20 years ago lol
  4. Appreciate all the replies. I'm not active at all, Dallas is grilled like no other and I'm often there for work at least once a month so I just take a camera and go benching. I probably only document 1% of what's there which is mind blowing with as many pics as I post. I'll try to keep posting as much as I can I know I only come through a few times a year but I have 1000's of photos I take. 12ozprophet > Social Media
  5. Whatever happened to him? Last I talked to him he was Stationed in Germany in the Army. His girl was on here too
  6. Just saw this RIP to another oontzer
  7. hey @rage, hope you're still kicking and doing good. I can imagine it is difficult to stay optimistic , but keep fighting that's all you can do.Said a prayer for you today and hope you're well. It's almost been a year since you posted this. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year.
  8. Is there any purpose of even posting here anymore?
  9. is there even a point posting here anymore?
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