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  1. ^^dig your shit dude. i see you are from denver hit me up on aim if you got it: xxj murdocxx
  2. Norma Jean Haste the Day 7l & Esoteric Arch Enemy Typical Cats :king:
  3. im not an atheist... the title of this thread is false advertisement
  4. The most fucked up thing about drunk drivers is when they take the lives of an innocent family. If you wana drive drunk its your idiotic decision but feeling bad about the people you killed isnt gonna cut it. DESIGNATED DRIVERS PEOPLE, DESIGNATED DRIVERS
  5. wa5te_pHk

    Nor Cal

    and unless your sws you should change your name CLOSE
  6. will do i love how kooter loved this guy untill everyone else didnt. hehehe:king:
  7. this thread desperatly needs an update. NISE WHERE YOU AT:confused: !!!!
  8. ah man your about to get flamed to death. 20 years in graff and no painting. you will get no respect. dont like your sketches much either
  9. benefit alias supernat canibus adeem freestyle fellowship apathy
  10. Re: your witty comments aren't that funny. all you wanted was for people to ride your nuts and you got all ass hurt as soon as someone didnt like your shit. im glad you found them stickies for me!!!! now to prove your just a piece of shit, i wana sketch battle. you have a week. you can pick the word
  11. i think people using the older style retro letters is hot as long as you bring the letters into the present like people like sigh, crae, wyse. there are plenty that do it proper that blade at the top is hot
  12. DIMEWHOLECAR wyse crae arise
  13. Mr Lif Akrobatic Nodes of Ranvier Forever is Forgotten Scars of Tomorow :D
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