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  1. i know you upset, ock but you better watch how you talkin to your step-pop i'ma be going in your fridge and walking around with my boxers on in your crib
  2. destroya


    the godfather game is bananas. i wiped out the tattaglias, most of the cuneos, and a large portion of the straccis, but these barzini niggas are hardbody
  3. is this the penis fish???? Quoted post [/b] huhthewha... eh.... what kind of faggot shit goes through your head?
  4. that'd be mildly irritating
  5. destroya


    i got it, but it's not cheap.
  6. i saw an ep of this already; a kid that looked like a mix between lil ze and the photographer were trying to get medicine to one of the kid's grandmother, after having used her money on a field trip for school. it was damn good.
  7. "i get more tex'es than houston" this is unacceptable.
  8. i've decided that if i got into porn, my stage name would be "wangston huge"
  9. the godfather game is hardbody. as well as metroid prime hunters. i suggest you buy them if you like video games :$:
  10. even before i saw the text under the picture i was thinking, "boy, is she unattractive or what?"
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