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  1. Ive always wondered what my name would look in philly style. Anyone car to do wickets or something for me please?
  2. slipone

    Character Post

    bump that first pic breakbad
  3. slipone

    Character Post

    ouch fleein it tho
  4. slipone


    Raging bull pack anyone? or whatever their called?
  5. slipone


    Anyone know how much these were for retail? i forgot.
  6. slipone


    im definitely gona get me 2 pairs of these. or maybe 3. 1 for DS, 1 for beaters, and one to cuztomize. whats the info on when these come out?
  7. Reefer Madness looks like a good watch.
  8. Re: writers in action! yeah. plenty more pics but cant find em in the archives. maybe one day.
  9. You guys are so close on to what we add into candy ink... Its not even funny any more.
  10. Ive brought a: Pilot Junobo mini mop Krink Broad Line Silver PrismaColor Gold and PrismaColors All on a plane trip across the world and all my markers were fine.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qQ3asXqdRg Look what you fags have done...now hes making rude comments about us. Lets PM him on his youtube channel and ride his dick a few more times with his awsome ink. HAhahaha i love the internerd.
  12. akrylic? you can use any base of paint in a mop. its in a marker where you need to worry becuase it wont flow as freely.
  13. Here we go again with the Dot3 and fish oil...
  14. Twist? left or maybe right? if it doesnt work then wrap a rubber band around the neck and twist. it should add more grip. After drip drip your ink and then recap and your set. There probably was a reason why you couldnt find it in the search...and its probably because what you just asjed is comon sence not rocket science. just HAD to be an ass at the last minute
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