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  1. grandmaster

    UK General Election

    I had to come back for this thread! i voted about 2 hours ago and went to my ghetto social/youth centre to vote [hadn't been in the place for over 14 years] and i noticed that world domination had painted the place back in the day.It made the whole procces of voting fun!
  2. grandmaster


    NO its not
  3. grandmaster


    do you always have to say but its still ''gay''? just shut up and skateboard in your kitchen
  4. grandmaster

    Eightball comics

    Yeah that sounds well good sofa I havent been able to find any info on it though.
  5. grandmaster


    Most of you cunts on this website cant even skateboard.I know many pro skateboarders who couldnt give a fuck about whats going on in rollerblading.They dont like it and they dont hate it.So stop talking about it and close this thread.Its depressing and I am fucking bored with toy idiot breakdancing,skateboarding,urban art people talking about shit they dont know about. leaveive rollerblading alone and stop trying to ruin an industry that people have put there lives into just because big brother and thrasher told you to.
  6. grandmaster

    Eightball comics

    Angry youth comix are good but I hardly get to see them.http://tralfaz-archives.com/comics/bagge/hate2.jpg'> hate is good too:cool:
  7. grandmaster


    I dont mind if you hate something that much but that song is shit.Make a good one up.
  8. grandmaster


    the side you dont get to see! the side everybody unfortunately sees
  9. grandmaster


    WHAT???? i know 5 black rollerbladers and 1 black skateboarder.The only reason you hav'nt seen black rollerbladers is because most rollerbladers skate street spots that skateboarders couldnt use[drop rails,double sets etc] and they dont feel like skating at a park filled with little kids.So until you read or see any of the magazines and dvds that i have seen or hung around any of the rollerbladers i know dont judge it. sorry ttboy I dont mean to argue with you i just feel very strongly on the subject
  10. grandmaster

    Eightball comics

    do any of you read eightball comics?I first got into them when I was about 13 and I have been a fan ever since.I just think clowes[the creator] is a very good story teller.The film Ghost world is based on the stories of enid and rebecca.in case you are confused
  11. grandmaster


    rollerbading is ignored too much.And it should be recognised. but you will all call it gay or something
  12. grandmaster


    a polar bear on a victoria line tube to be exact! what is that?a music video? jd and coke yahear
  13. grandmaster

    THUMPER! (what are you eating?)

    bacon sandwich with ketchup orange juice :cool:
  14. grandmaster

    Movie QUOTES!!! =)

    ''ziggy pigggggy ziiiiggy piiiigggy''....Napoleon eating ice cream in bill and teds excellent adventure! ''he'll probably date rape her and give her aids'' ghost world
  15. grandmaster

    Attn: London and Paris 12ozers

    Whats that then? please tell.And I was reccomending places to go if your a tourist not if your a local.