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  1. good idea with tha computer toner, can you buy the ink by itsself anywhere, or doo you have to crack open an ink cartrage?
  2. rock over london, rock on chicago... rip brotha
  3. toxikbeast

    Character Post

    damn, coro yopu're shit is hott. phat paintings yo
  4. i'd make an anonomous call. i mean, i dont want my spot to get tight on security, but if i find a corpse there, i think its time to find a new spot. i dont want dead people painting with me.
  5. toxikbeast

    Spray Paint

    Rusto's my fav. but tell me this, what's the difference between painters touch by rustoleum, and streight up rusto??
  6. rusto covers pretty good, but over all montana is the best i think, but mad expensive. of coarse, its free if you rack it.
  7. Yo, that shit's very interesting. i like interesting. very phat. do some more, dawg
  8. yo, I think throw-ups are pretty hot, depending on the location etc. They get yer name up and you can show off your shit in crazy places especially trains and trucks . But if all you do is throw-ups, you suck. grow up and do some burners, somthing artistic. otherwise yer a bitch who can only scribble your name like a two year old.:freak:
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