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"Thats Dope"...skylines

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Guest post.
Originally posted by -Rage-

Seriously bro. I drove past a week ago and they are still at it.




P.S. Great thread idea $360. You bring the funk and you should be proud.


i brought the funk i brought the funk!!!


thank you mr.angry allen sir.


anyhoo, i wish i had flicks of this building, but its not done yet and i dont live in england. so it just dosnt work out:




london heads should know what im talking about. its down close to liverpool street station. post some flicks if you have some.


*edited because the picture wouldnt work. its the building that looks like a bee hive.

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Originally posted by Dirty_habiT

those are bad ass cars, oh, did I mention that Dallas's skyline is better than your city's skyline... kthx.



too bad the city itself sucks.....

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Yessir, Vancouver must rank up in the top 5 most beautiful cities in the world. Pleeb Beleeveub.


Oh, did you take that photo, ese? I'm guessing yes, and if so, SELL IT TO A POSTCARD COMPANY ASAP!

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