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"Thats Dope"...skylines

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so i was really inspired my the bridges thread. its cool that you all take intrests in different kinds of bridges. but this is my current facination, skyline and skyscrapers.


ive become so fucking attached to the boston syyline, i missed it sooo much when i lived in london for 3 months. it killed me that i couldnt see it. not that the london skyline sucks, its just not where i was born and raised.


boston skyline:




and at night:




this is 111 huntington ave. its also nicknames "meninos crown". its called this because that mayor of boston, mayor "mumbles" menino asked the builders to do something with the top of the building, as the rest of boston is all flat-tops:





standing secong tallest in the city, direcly next to 111 huntington is the prudential building. in the mid 70's it stood as the tallest building in america only a year before the world trade center was built. on the day that ted willams died the lights were turned off to reveal a numer 9 in honor of his accomplishments. the fron entrace is my persenal favorite skate spot in this city :






and finally, standing as the tallest skyscraper in boston is the john hancock builsing. when they were finishing this monster, they had a bit of a problem. some of the windown on the higher floor seemed to shift and move, and as a result, some of them fell to the ground, foutenetly not hurting anyone. if youre ever seen this buildint, you can understand its beauty:







so im interested to know about other people cities. post some pictures.

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oh word philly?


the thing i love about philly is that you will stand in line longer to get a chessesteak from jims on south street than you will to see the liberty bell.


rage, anwser me this: i heard they tore down LOVE park, tell me this isnt true....

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I'll be back soon.


Originally posted by Glik0

remember those nature vs tech threads?


those were bomb.




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Damn I love seeing the LA skyline on the 10 going west coming down Kellog hill on a clear day.


Does anyone have a pic of Rio De Janeiro?

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Originally posted by $360

hahahahaha like thats going to stop those damn skateboarders



Seriously bro. I drove past a week ago and they are still at it.




P.S. Great thread idea $360. You bring the funk and you should be proud.

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