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  1. shut up yuck, no details. just how much you liked/hated it.;)
  2. i still wanna see The Italian Job, it should be on PPV soon.:cool:
  3. if you like rap i could suggest a song to you, but i doubt you'd be in to the music i listen to. ohh well.
  4. i read half and laughed histerically, but i'm too stoned to read it all.:krunk:
  5. hot shit, i wanna go see that. American Wedding or Freddy vs. Jason. whatcha think NOUM-ski
  6. ever laughed so hard you've pissed yourself? yea, it sucks.:dazed:
  7. NOUM your ignorance makes me laugh. women like CUT guys too, and it's not like we don't feel anything. plus we(us cut folk) last longer.:cool:
  8. :eek: i heard a story about some kid running from the cops and his pants ripped and his "junk" got WEDGED in between one of the diamond link things and he fell and they were ripped off. i dunno if it's true but the thought of it makes me :twitch:
  9. ridalin.:lol: i remember going rollerblading at the skate arena, kids would go in the bathroom and snort that shit. i laughed when i saw them, it was funny.:)
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