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What Are You Wearing Right Now. (And What Are You Listening To)

Guest Pseudoprep©

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Black Timberlands

Drab Army green Eddie Bauer Field Pants

White T-shirt

Khaki Woolrich knit sweater

hippie-made brown and beige knit hat


listening to InI-"Fakin' Jax"

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Guest WebsterUno



white collar shirt

'Dogs Playing Poker' tie

black dickies (cuzz I can)

black gbx's (the funny looking ones)

adidas socks

Boss frames


edit: listening to myself type

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Originally posted by Pseudoprep©







p.s. i definitely know who the dude is, and seeking...shiittt nig i didnt know you had the steez to rock lowrise.

hoes be jockin that shit. [/b]


you do? SF '99?


ive got a date with a 19 yr old with a fake ID:

old dark blue diesels 31X32.

grey and black striped mervyns tshirt.

black army surplus vneck.

green and black boxers.

black indoor swap meet socks.

black lace up winos.

D&G that my ex thinks smells like shower to shower.

listening to : i am spoonbender shown actual size.

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Guest Pseudoprep©

caressing my new "in GOD we trust" ZERO skateboard(black) with PINK spitfire 55s. FUCKIN HOT...with my bare feet.


ck boxerbriefs(grey)

d&g pj pants(grey and black)

antihero tshirt (black)

messy hair held back by icr dethkillers headband.

painful itching on inside arms where my new tattoos are glorified.

bags under my eyes givin me that scrubbed to fuck takin oc all day emaciated ck look.


listening to joy division (love will tear us apart)

drinking an ibc cream soda

just took 3mg alprazolam

i want to go skate.


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brown work wear zipup jacket from thrift store...

plain gray swapmeet tshirt.....

swapmeet boxers.....

blue levis i havetn washe din a few months....

swapmeet socks....

white hightop handmedown oldschool converse....

specs....black stretchie hair thing....

seiko chronograph dresswatch.....

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Guest Mr.PopGunWar

Back In Black.


All Black:


Northface boxerbriefs

Levis 501's (32x32)

yque LA county tshirt

black longsleeve northface shirt over the t

black yves saint laurent dress socks

black lakai's


black/grey northface fleece vest

messy fuckin hair like whoa


drinkin a henry weinhards vanilla cream soda watching the lost boys waiting for some people to call so we can go skate for a while before the concert tonight.


later. ill keep you posted as i keep changing.

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Green Quicksand shit

Khaki cargo shorts with paint stains of various colors.

black canvass, three hole vans


currently being entertained by the musical stylings of Jeff Buckley

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Eating a kiwi


Listening to Fila Brazillia


Looking at some funny pictures the boyfriend sent me and chuckling to myself.


Red, black white and orange nameless beach shorts from some ghetto store located in small town Florida.


Pinkish red tanktop.


But guess what..im not goin to the beach.

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plain grey swapmeet tshirt...

cosco boxers.....

blue jeans i just dont wash....

paul frank slippers i got for christmas....


black stretchie hair thing....

....coheed and cambria.....<<funny sounding..but dope...

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Update: Now I'm wearing Diesel jeans (which I found being thrown away in a dorm room, I wouldn't pay more than $30 for jeans much less $160), Adidas shoes, a WST hoodie, and a white bandana.


Between my legs: A Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom. Time for a sunset ride.


Music: AC/DC, "Thunderstruck"

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

Ah, refreshing ride. Kilogodsz, I'm still here, enjoying my last day of ungodly niceness before heading back to NYC tomorrow, spending the night on a bench at the Port Authority, and catching a grimy bus back to Providence on Tuesday morning to work like a fuckernuts for the rest of the week. Sucks major balls, but that's life.


Dude, there's a chance I might end up here in PR in June to work at a video production joint. I still wanna end up in LA, but this might be too good to miss out on. We'll see...


Currently wearing: No-name boxer shorts.


Listening to: The breeze.

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good to hear!

Doing some production in PR sounds like a great thing.

By "joint" you mean working in the shop, like on salary?

That would be a great way to get some shit together and

really pad up the demo reel.


so I got absolutely nailed by work this weekend.

These hiphop guys get refered to me at 4:00 friday.

I'm thinking "I'll just slip out a little early"... nope!

At least the project is cool. It's a doc about making it

in the hiphop biz. There's a ton of major label cats

and some big rappers in it too. Here's the bad part...

it was rough cut at 40 minutes, and They need it fine

cut to 60 minutes. And I had about 14 hours to do it.


Luckily I'm not that bad at the cut-cut-starwipe shit,

so I pulled it all together. Now it's just a big render

and some title design and it gets mastered to tape.

These guys are driving Escalades and RangeRovers

so they better not balk when I tell them it's going to

be around a grand for my work. And you know I'm

holding their source tapes untill I see the cash.


who's blinging now motherbitches!

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