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  1. ^ . ^ is the new porkchop
  2. holy fuck id think kids on 12oz would listen to good music.
  3. Re: I just spent $200 on clothes... i only buy my underwear at the thrifts.nothing else is really worth buying there
  4. unfortunately those are soft balloons he's landing on b.t.w. thats a remix version of an old screensaver
  5. i like how you ended that sentence adel.that was deffinitly LOL material
  6. they forgot to add the period.
  7. Re: 4 months, not a single smoke congrats to you!ive been a non-smoker for 2 months now and have gained 10 pounds
  8. SCREAM CLUB. http://www.screamclub.com/sc-photos/new-photos/scream-club-copy2.jpg'>
  9. thanks for that meatlocker.i havent laughed like that in a while.
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