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  1. what happened to makros? Is he still on the site or did he quit or banned for just posting pictures. oh also....i think i missed it if he/she answered this question. But is makros a girl or a guy?
  2. i was at santa monica pier. "Excuse me, do you know where the ferris wheel is? me- Uhhhh yeah its that giant ferris wheel over there *points to giant, overly obvious ferris wheel that takes up half the pier.
  3. You all seem to think Tom cruise is crazy...or maybe hes a genius? He has the money and fame to become the leader of scientology. and then he can cash in from the millions people donate. GENIUS I SAY
  4. well im glad your drunk. Its my 21st birthday today and im home sitting on my computer trolling channel0. totally sober
  5. last time i was there i went with my cousin and his friend. we went to the main camping area with the crowd, we slept in one of those lodge cabin things. There was this hot foreigner there and my cousins wanted to know what language she was speaking. I knew some french and i told him she was speakin french. I taught my cousin how to say hi and introduce himself. When he sees her the next time he screams from the other side of the quad "BONJOURR!" the kicker? she was italian.
  6. The coating offers other protections as well. It allows slugs to travel unharmed across the sharp edge of a razor blade or piece of glass, and can thwart predators; the slug excretes thick mucus and humps its body up, making itself appear larger. When the slime comes into contact with a moist surface, it produces an anesthetic which causes the membranes to go numb. The slime of the banana slug also lubricates the terrain over which they move, so they can travel more easily. When climbing a tree, a slug can drop back down quickly using a string of slime. Researchers have made unsuccessful attempts to reproduce slug slime, since it is one of the best natural glues, and has potential uses in medicine. Ariolimax dolichophallus, a species of banana slug (dolichophallus meaning "long penis" in Latin) has the largest penis-to-body length ratio of any animal. The record-holding specimen had a body length of 6 inches (15 cm), with a phallus length of 32.5 inches (82 cm), well over five times the body length. yall are jeeaalous
  7. they also got him fired from his job at target.
  8. eh... i want a hamburger phone now?
  9. wheres the ninja turtle's lair?
  10. am i the only one that cheers up about thinking death? well not of relatives, but myself.
  11. this is funny, i hate jewish people.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9wSMuCJCkQ goooooood japanese pop locker thingy. shes 10 years old.
  13. Re: CRAZIEST THING A WHITE PERSON HAS EVER SAID TO ME every white guy in school:hey you chinese? me:no im korean every white guy in school:eh same dif. me:no its a pretty damn big difference.
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