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  1. america's finest city...diego or dago
  2. i've had more than 1000+ cans it's not really what it's cracked up to be...you only want more ...plus have you ever tried to move that much paint or even wose store it?
  3. fuck it tell your girlfriend you love her no matter what her parents think....she'll move with you anyway...only problem is she won't ever leave you from this point on and expect a kid within 2 mos.
  4. 25.not old but old enough to realize life can be harsh and i don't want any kids to see the same shit i've seen...i mean i started in graffiti at an extremely young age.11 to be exact.i started paying attention to it around the age of 9 but didn't start actually trying it until the age of 11.so i got good fast and older kids wanted me to start writing with them so i did.since then people in San Diego haven't been slaughtering each other but i mean some real shit's gone down...
  5. i'm a rookie on 12 oz. but not in life or at that stupid game kids call graff...again thanx for everyone's positive feedback.
  6. wow everyone here is so great....i thought i would get made fun of for this....thanks guys ...not that it's completely solved my dillemma but it sure has enlightened me a little...btw i grew up around the era when tagbanging was cool and i just want the kids on here to know that all that crew pride stuff is a bunch of bullshit.i've lost three close friends as a result of it ,one of whom had a one year old daughter...i dunno shit was really sad, and stupid.think before you act. peace.
  7. yeah btw this is the first thread i've ever started...12 oz. has come a long way since i started and quit writing back in the day.....
  8. yeah iguess there's just been a lot of death around me lately plus i hate the fact that i enjoy my life so much i can't bear to stand the fact of me losing it forever....i mean i'm a father and i love my wife and family.....i mean i'm not rich or anything i've just learned to love my life.am i being a puss?whatever,just something that's been plaguing me.
  9. i don't know...a counselor couldn't answer my question.what i'm really worried about is the thought of nothing.like you just die and that's it.shit feels like i'vebeen cheated.
  10. you know,i just realized my mortality and can't get over the thought of not knowing what comes after this life.anyone want to add any comments??
  11. Around here in San Diego it's called Pokez....10th & E st. in down town ....best on earth.
  12. plus shouldn't you be putting more effort into doing something better like getting pussy?
  13. plus the penalties here are ridiculous,one tag here in the west coast can get you up to a year in jail.
  14. trains don't get painted cause we want to live to see another day and keep chasing skirts....that's wayyy too much effort.plus there are less graffiti writers in the us per capita than in any country in europe.here for example for every 10 writers in europe there is only 1/2.
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