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  1. Yes it's hard to find a twenty something year old woman with a 17 year old body. But it's also hard to find a twenty something year old man with a hot bod that isn't gay.
  2. I'd like to know the secret life of missing socks. I cleaned out my drawers and have about 7 individual socks with no matching pair.
  3. You said it! No wonder you're not interested in graff... LA graff is getting uglier by the minute.
  4. I was on Friendster..... until 12oz prophet found out about it. :P
  5. What was that section called where only the moderators can go to? Wink and her daisy dukes. The FIRST "what do you think ___ looks like?" thread by Mes3. Edmo's picture is the best thing that has ever happened on 12oz prophet. Seym was a dope guy. He left because people were being ignorant idiots. I don't blame him. Also, Mes3's action flick of a red/pink piece she did back in 2000. Probably one of the first chicks on the board to do a decent piece. Fools were droooooooling! Nuke's action flick. I called him Charlie from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.
  6. When you are stoned in Las Vegas I highly recommend the buffet at the Bellagio.
  7. I was sort of a jock in high school.... none of my graffiti friends know that. I was an excellent swimmer and volleyball player. I can also skid bases like nobody's business in softball. I turned down the team because it took too much of my "ditching school to go smoke weed" time. The funny thing is, I totally regret it.
  8. I find that hard to believe... loose lips sink ships, and your mouth is all over the place. Ink Lunatic, we would make a great team.
  9. I noticed that. I think that's corny and desperate. If I kissed a girl, it would be completely for my own physical enjoyment. The reason I don't want to have anything to do with her is so I can keep her as fantasy in my head, rather than an actual person I have to deal with in real life. I have absolutely no interest (and never will) in getting to know a woman emotionaly or have any type of romantic relationship with them.
  10. I've never kissed a girl. I would maybe do it under these circumstances: 1. She has to be extremely good looking. 2. She has to be a complete stranger. 3. I don't want to have anything to do with her ever again.
  11. Assholes are definitely a learning experience. When I was 17, this extremely good looking half Mexican half Filipino guy hit on me at a party. He had the big puppy dog eyes, lucious lips, the works... He went to a private Catholic school, so I've never seen him before. We hit it off really well, and eventually ended up making out at the end of the night. He called me a few times afterwards and told me how much he was into me. Little did I know he was MY PREGNANT FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND. Even though she never found out, I never spoke to him again.
  12. I have a really bad shoplifting problem. I can walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of things in one day and never think twice about it. Even people really close to me don't know where I get my money.
  13. Don't: - Suns - Dolphins - Tribal bands - Barbwire. This was never cool to begin with. - Chinese characters. Especially if you are not Chinese. - Really small tattoos. What's the point? - Disney or any patent cartoon character with copyrights. - Not paying extra for a good tattoo artist. Do: -Script and Old English. -Organic themes. -Horimono. -Latino art tattoos.
  14. Weird Things That Go Through My Head Actually, I blame my friend to justify myself for killing my own bunny. It's really weird, but ever since that incident I see bunnies as a symbolism of things and people I love but always take for granted. Sometimes I feel like I'm a heartless person. How could I love something and just throw it away? I have a really bad detachment problem. Somebody I dated constantly drew bunnies and bears, and I always wondered what they meant to him. I never asked because I really liked the mystery. He had a whole sketchbook of the same bear in different si
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