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  1. http://latimes.com/news/local/la-000101835dec24.story Vandalism: Officials say the motion-sensing device deters taggers, but critics say it just pushes the problem to new locations. By LIZ KAY, TIMES STAFF WRITER Police and city officials are employing a new motion-sensing camera in their never-ending campaign against graffiti. But critics wonder if the device is pushing taggers to new locations rather than solving the multimillion-dollar problem. The Flashcam-530, made by Q-Star Technologies of Chatsworth, features a modified 35-millimeter camera triggered by a motion detector. When activated, the unit plays a recorded announcement and takes photographs. Several Los Angeles police divisions have obtained cameras, including four purchased by Operation Cleansweep, the Department of Public Works' anti-graffiti program. Seven more cameras are on the way. Other cities and agencies throughout the state have also been utilizing the cameras. Officials hope that the $2,495 cameras will pay for themselves by preventing the need to constantly repaint heavily tagged areas. More than $8 million citywide and $87 million statewide was spent in 1999 to remove graffiti, according to a survey. The camera has prevented gang graffiti and other crimes on a wall in east Hollywood since July, said Officer Joe Bunch of the Hollywood Division. Before the camera, bought by the Hollywood Police Support Assn., was installed, "you'd have four gangs tagging on the wall at any one time," he said. Now, the wall, at Lemon Grove Avenue off Western Avenue, has stayed unmarked for months. And people no longer congregate on the corner for narcotics sales and prostitution, Bunch said. He acknowledges that such illegal activity "probably has moved back up to Sunset, but it has deterred this activity" at that spot. A similar situation exists at Venice Boulevard and Toberman Street in Pico-Union, the crossroads of two rival gangs. Orosman Vizcaino, 72, and his son Rick, 36, have chased taggers away from the wall of Carrera Apparel, their family's clothing manufacturing business, for years. Now the camera is scaring taggers away. "They turn around the corner and there's a flash," the elder Vizcaino said. Rick Vizcaino said in the last few weeks, gangs have targeted a site half a block away. Because the camera seems to move the illegal action elsewhere, not end it, Rampart Division detectives are not sold on the idea. "The cameras have not had any direct impact, no matter where they are placed, in reducing graffiti in the Rampart area," Det. Rick Ramos said. Other types of surveillance cameras have taken a beating at the hands of taggers, Ramos said. "They rip them off," he said. "They break them, they turn them, they shoot them up. It's more of a game for them. If they are going to do their illegal activity, they are going to make sure [the cameras] are not working." The battery-powered Flashcam is designed to withstand attack. It is housed in a steel case. Its lens and flash unit are protected by a bullet-resistant cover, which the manufacturer says can withstand a 9-millimeter handgun bullet. After the camera's film has been used, its sensor and flash still work. Even so, Bunch climbs a ladder every four or five days to insert a new roll of film. Officials have not made any arrests based on photos taken by the camera at any location. Rampart Division Sgt. Nick Aldana said pictures are seldom clear enough to identify the person responsible for the graffiti. Officer Ron Stilz, who coordinates the Van Nuys Community Tagger Task Force, agrees on the need for better-quality cameras and photos. In a Van Nuys Division test, the camera successfully curbed graffiti at one location, but the task force still decided not to purchase the equipment. The officers had hoped to obtain photographs of sufficient quality to prosecute offenders. Vandalism that causes more than $400 worth of damage is punishable as a felony. For a first-time offender, that charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor, said David Traum, head deputy of the complaints division of the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. The Van Nuys task force is considering buying a video surveillance system that is effective in low light and costs about $5,000, Stilz said. Ken Anderson, who helped develop the Flashcam with his partner, Ralph Hasenbalg, said customers are told of the unit's limitations. "The key word is deterring graffiti, or trash dumping or breaking and entering," he said. "If you buy this thing on the idea you're going to get [high-quality] pictures, you're probably going to be disappointed." Since the Wilshire Division installed a camera at a graffiti hot spot earlier this month, no new marks have appeared on the wall along Washington Boulevard at Normandie Avenue. Taggers also avoid a long wall bordering Angelus Rosedale Cemetery on the opposite side of the street, Officer Eva Perry said. Perry said preventing gang graffiti prevents gang violence. After one gang places its tag on the wall, another inevitably follows and crosses it out, she said. "Eventually it leads to two gangs fighting or some kind of gang activity," Perry said. In Devonshire, the camera has stopped graffiti in a Granada Hills alley about a block from Kennedy High School, said Officer Sean Reinhardt. A homeowner whose property had been hit by an onslaught of gang graffiti "was ecstatic," Reinhardt said. The latest camera to be installed went up Dec. 12 at an unused rail line and tunnel in Palms that has been a popular site for taggers for decades. The area, known on the street as "the motor yard," was once part of the Exposition Line. Now the property of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the tracks and a tunnel lie secluded between the Santa Monica Freeway and National Boulevard. Anyone entering the site is trespassing on MTA property, so the camera has been set to activate on any motion. At busier locations, the motion detector can be set on a delay to avoid photographing people just walking by. The Palms graffiti doesn't stay within the seldom-seen borders of this unused tunnel. Businesses and residences in the area suffer the effects of crimes other than tagging. "Now they are coming and drinking," said Saied Isaacson of Cheviot Plaza Properties, which owns a building in the area. The company repaints every two weeks. Officer Anthony Vasquez saw two teenage boys walk up to the Palms camera, activating the recorded announcement: "Stop! It is illegal to spray graffiti here! We have just taken your photograph. We will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave now!" Vasquez said the teenagers threw a piece of wood at the camera. When they realized their photos were being taken, however, "they put their hoods on real quick and started running," he said. * Times staff writer Milton Carrero Galarza contributed to this report.
  2. If you have not played this game, you are missing out. Sure, it's very Junior High but its fun. How could you forget the classic 90210 episode where they find out their friend is a pill poppin' addict. This could be a great rainy day game/group therapy for all of us. Basically, you reveal any secrets, confessions, fantansies, or "skeletons in the closet" that have been bothering you. Let it out... go with the flow...
  3. Secret

    Girls gaining alot of weight

    Yes it's hard to find a twenty something year old woman with a 17 year old body. But it's also hard to find a twenty something year old man with a hot bod that isn't gay.
  4. Can't steal what you can't see...
  5. Secret


  6. Secret

    the secret life of luggage

    I'd like to know the secret life of missing socks. I cleaned out my drawers and have about 7 individual socks with no matching pair.
  7. Secret

    sookiooki say hello....

    You said it! No wonder you're not interested in graff... LA graff is getting uglier by the minute.
  8. Secret


    I was on Friendster..... until 12oz prophet found out about it. :P
  9. Secret

    THEY REMINISCE OVER 12OZ (part like, 800)

    What was that section called where only the moderators can go to? Wink and her daisy dukes. The FIRST "what do you think ___ looks like?" thread by Mes3. Edmo's picture is the best thing that has ever happened on 12oz prophet. Seym was a dope guy. He left because people were being ignorant idiots. I don't blame him. Also, Mes3's action flick of a red/pink piece she did back in 2000. Probably one of the first chicks on the board to do a decent piece. Fools were droooooooling! Nuke's action flick. I called him Charlie from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Ouija vs Darkoner
  10. Secret

    whats to eat 2003....

    When you are stoned in Las Vegas I highly recommend the buffet at the Bellagio.
  11. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    I was sort of a jock in high school.... none of my graffiti friends know that. I was an excellent swimmer and volleyball player. I can also skid bases like nobody's business in softball. I turned down the team because it took too much of my "ditching school to go smoke weed" time. The funny thing is, I totally regret it.
  12. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    I find that hard to believe... loose lips sink ships, and your mouth is all over the place. Ink Lunatic, we would make a great team.
  13. Secret


    The Carpet Munchers
  14. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    I noticed that. I think that's corny and desperate. If I kissed a girl, it would be completely for my own physical enjoyment. The reason I don't want to have anything to do with her is so I can keep her as fantasy in my head, rather than an actual person I have to deal with in real life. I have absolutely no interest (and never will) in getting to know a woman emotionaly or have any type of romantic relationship with them.
  15. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    I've never kissed a girl. I would maybe do it under these circumstances: 1. She has to be extremely good looking. 2. She has to be a complete stranger. 3. I don't want to have anything to do with her ever again.
  16. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    Assholes are definitely a learning experience. When I was 17, this extremely good looking half Mexican half Filipino guy hit on me at a party. He had the big puppy dog eyes, lucious lips, the works... He went to a private Catholic school, so I've never seen him before. We hit it off really well, and eventually ended up making out at the end of the night. He called me a few times afterwards and told me how much he was into me. Little did I know he was MY PREGNANT FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND. Even though she never found out, I never spoke to him again.
  17. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    I have a really bad shoplifting problem. I can walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of things in one day and never think twice about it. Even people really close to me don't know where I get my money.
  18. Secret

    played out tats

    Don't: - Suns - Dolphins - Tribal bands - Barbwire. This was never cool to begin with. - Chinese characters. Especially if you are not Chinese. - Really small tattoos. What's the point? - Disney or any patent cartoon character with copyrights. - Not paying extra for a good tattoo artist. Do: -Script and Old English. -Organic themes. -Horimono. -Latino art tattoos.
  19. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    Weird Things That Go Through My Head Actually, I blame my friend to justify myself for killing my own bunny. It's really weird, but ever since that incident I see bunnies as a symbolism of things and people I love but always take for granted. Sometimes I feel like I'm a heartless person. How could I love something and just throw it away? I have a really bad detachment problem. Somebody I dated constantly drew bunnies and bears, and I always wondered what they meant to him. I never asked because I really liked the mystery. He had a whole sketchbook of the same bear in different situations... they were a symbolism of himself. I loved it. http://pic6.picturetrail.com:80/VOL169/1053089/2011262/24616745.jpg'>
  20. Secret

    Skeletons In The Closet Game

    My best-friend and I bought some bunnies off this Mexican kid named Tooty for $5 in 3rd grade. It was an extremely hot summer that year in El Paso, Texas. Our bunnies would always go hide in the bushes to get some shade. We found one of our bunnies trapped between some metal pieces in her shed. We were sure the bunny was dead. We somehow felt responsible for the bunnies death, and we knew her mom would get on our case for it. So we threw the dead bunny over her fence into her neighbor's yard. The next morning her neighbor came knocking on my friend's door, and felt really bad about our bunny dying in his yard. Later that day, my friend confessed to me that she knew the bunny wasn't dead when we threw it over the fence. I wanted to kill her. We both cried and gave our bunny a proper funeral in her backyard. Even though me and that girl are best-friends till this day, I know she is perfectly capable of being evil.
  21. Secret

    summertime cruising songs

    It's Summer Time Let's Get Trashed Music Snoop Doggy Dog - It Ain't No Fun Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies Billy Idol - Dancing Myself Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back Beastie Boys - Shake Your Rump Mista Grim - Indo Smoke Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey De La Soul - Saturday Eazy-E - Boyz In The Hood
  22. Secret

    fuck you and the fighter jet you flew in on.....rob

    Yeah, me three. When I'm alone in my thoughts is when I do bad things. Oh uh...
  23. Secret

    Worst Sexual Experience: Revived

    Holy shit, When.... I'd tell you to publish your story, but your experience is way too dirty for Penthouse.
  24. Secret

    because the ghost in me...

    It's the little jigga Chue....
  25. Secret

    first time posting flix.. hope it works :)

    Great flicks I like all of them.