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What Are You Wearing Right Now. (And What Are You Listening To)

Guest Pseudoprep©

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I don’t mean to sound so much like a girl but I got my hair done yesterday night. I got it trimmed and now I have jet black hair with bright red streaks. It’s a hit.


What I am wearing:

Black button up ¾ sleeved shirt

Black fitted pants that flare at the end

Brown strappy heels (open toed)

Silver hoop earrings

C******* necklace white gold necklace from my hunny

Pink and black lacy matching underware

Platinum diamond ring


And oh yea, I am listening to dr. dre

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same thing i wear every day...

work pants, black undershirt, button up shirt, SF hat. I'm boring.


I'm listenin' to some Emenim freestyles...Im falling for the 8 mile hype (I've yet to see it however).


"3 Things I hate, girls, women and bitches."




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Guest Pseudoprep©

puma sweatshirt

puma mesh shorts


diesel anklesocks

antihero headband (my hair is like fuckin ashton kushter hair now)



just got back from the gym.

time for a shower and some oc.



oh yeah im listening to alec empire and carl crack remixes.

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Guest uncle-boy

olive green cargo shorts.

chocolate leather belt

brown stussy t-shirt

black "fitzgeralds casino" cap

dark grey boxers

bare foot


listening to Rick James

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dizaaaaaaam im bored


-old navy faded jeans

-grey undershirt

-blue shirt, with game controler on it

making fun of shorty's logo

-one sock with a black stripe, the other one

just plain white (i dont like matching socks)

-kaki flanole looking joe boxers

-spaded blue belt

-messy looking spiked hair w/ gel

-havn't shaved in 2 days

(unless you include my COCK which i shaved last night)

... wanna fuck?



::listening too:: (RJD2- Final Frountier)

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Guest Pseudoprep©

showered and out of it.


old greenish diesels

abercrombie boxers (navy blue)

grey abercrombie undershirt (theyre the best!)

red lacoste polo

argyle socks

brown nikes


listening to the DONNIE DARKO soundtrack

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Originally posted by Adam Carolla

planet asia tshirt

blue jeans

yankees fitted hat

white socks


A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed out


The same exact thing...only im listening to Dj Rectangle - Fades of Fury...almost time to hit the shower...

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