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  1. fuck up... don't bitch about sumpin stupid... the lounge was legendary, so many people loved that thread. and that FUCKING rookie wrecked it for us all:mad:
  2. :king: DAZE you sir, YOU are a genious;)
  3. nah that was my favorite thread... i am now incomplete:o that thread had to be one of the best threads to ever exist in 12oz i posted ATLEAST 300 times in there... i'll catch up in less than 3 days and you can count on that one:king: :king: :king: :king:
  4. i haven't been on 12oz much today so haven't had the chance for it to get slow... too many threads getting closed i lost over 300 posts today and i'm pissed:mad:
  5. cheebah brings life:king:
  6. probably overlooked 'em i seem to be hated by the mods cuz i smoke the cheebah:o
  7. haha, you know damn well it would've been closed... don't front:king:
  8. if you like RAP just download random freestyles... i never run out of music to download, i always download freestyles and random rap groups i've never heard of:king:
  9. it's funny because if i would have started that RANDOM PICTURE'S thread it would've been closed in under 5 minutes.... :nope:
  10. well shit i made 2 threads today that weren't closed...:lol:
  11. and you are... all you do is bullshit, and act like a hardass... eat a dick, and choke on it:idea:
  12. mods are turning into NAZI's
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