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  1. If you can get ahold of a copy of REASON, you can make all your own beats, and put together the tracks with it alone. Granted, it'll tend to sound like a demo tape unless you really know your shit, but it's a fairly streamlined way to get something out there. You can burn it to a cd, and send that out to get your 100 made.
  2. I get to see these guys tonight, along with at least two, and possibly three other really good bands, and I'm so fucking juiced. Yes. Just thought I'd share that.
  3. Gang of Four The Liars A.R.E. Weapons The Strokes Moving Units The Faint
  4. New distortion pedal (boss) geetar strings a bazillion rolls of tri-x photo paper (ilford) murder city devils shirt breakfast out this morning two cases of diet coke with lemon jack and cheddar cheezits COFFEE
  5. murder city devils that darkroom chemical smell cute girls with impeccable taste in music that want you my band eating meat again, but only if it's fast food or BBQ. summer's rapid approach having an absolutely ridiculous ammount of work to finish, and not minding a bit. working well under pressure. 14 final prints. two days. yes.
  6. brown button up black tie black suit jacket black levis 517s stripey socks dunk hi (black/grey) army cap listening to The Liars.
  7. A.R.E. Weapons- Bad News (we go out, stay out, that's what bad news is all about...) Your Enemies Friends- Figure of Speech Non Phixion feat. Necro- I Shot Reagan Les Savy Fav- Hide Me From Next February Screeching Weasel- Totally (because. just because is all.) BONUS ALBUM! Led Zeppelin- II
  8. 1) A.R.E. Weapons- New York Muscle NO MERCY! 2)Nick Drake- Things Behind The Sun 3)Thrice- To What End 4)The Faint- Your Retro Career Melted 5)The Faint- Victim Convenience Bonus Album) The Coup- Party Music
  9. I'm halfway through "From Beirut to Jerusalem". Just about to start The Fall by Camus just ate two pitas with swiss cheese and pickle, a vanilla coke, and a macaroon. livin large.
  10. gnarlitude

    curb skating

    just doing slappy smiths and feebles while going as fast as you can is the greatest thing ever. front smith slappies are harder than one might think. Or just doing slappy 50-50s and nollie popping out onto the sidewalk (or into the handicap curb cuts, if you're a fucking man about it) curb SKATE seshes get fucking gangsta.
  11. A.R.E. Weapons- Fuck You, Pay Me Moving Units- Between Us and Them Adult.- Nite Life The Faint in general The Verve- The Drugs Don't Work Harsh Bonus: A.R.E. Weapons- Headbanger Face put your headbanger face on.
  12. Yes... Music: A.R.E. Weapons- A.R.E. Weapons Adult.- Anxiety Always Interpol- Obstacle 1 single Del Tha- I Wish My Brother George was Here Ticket to The Faint Other: Two pairs Levis 517 (blue and black) Black Ipath cats brown fake leather jacket with fur collar Faint shirt Twelve vanilla cokes around twenty medium coffees
  13. Hey... I was there... dancing to every song with a ridiculously hot girl up in the front. Seriously the best time I've had in weeks. The Faint rocks my world. Les Savy Fav is my new favorite band. Did you go to the afterparty thing? AAARGH radness...
  14. I just cracked my board. It's not done yet, but the end is near, and I'm sad. Just thought I'd share. It was a big ol' Krooked with a funny Gonz poem about killing armadillos on it. Great shape, perfect snap, not too heavy. Dang.
  15. black with teal and bright blue stripe beanie my friend made me. green skateshop t white undershirt black levis 501s black ipath cats I'm drinking Reeds Ginger Ale and listening to Moving Units. And life appears to be almost ok.
  16. brown and tan camo hat (backwards) tan skateshop tshirt levis 517s (with new enormous rip in crotch) grey socks red vans rowleys sweat the beginnings of The 'Stache. Had kind of a rough day. Tweaked the knee stepping off my board wrong (switch unease). I had to relearn some basic stuff. Fun as shit though. Yesh.
  17. Where the board was made does make a difference in how it feels. Foundation, Flip, and Girl all get their boards from different woodshops, interestingly enough. Oh, and those that take exception to my use of the word "stuntwood" need to grow a sense of humor. What could the fucking problem possibly be? I really want to know.
  18. www.dlxsf.com fo life.... anyways...
  19. Who else loves the stuntwood?
  20. Krooked zippy hoody Real Longsleeve (another...) black levis 501s grey socks black ipath grasshoppers I'm listening to The Cure and eating Chinese salad, bread, and a soda, because it started to fucking drizzle on the way to the skatespot. Unbelievable.
  21. Black Krooked zip up hoodie black Real long sleeve t banana republic draws with cameras fucked up levis 517s grey socks checkerboard vans listening to Fabolous, because it really is my party. I think.
  22. wet shaggy hair white fred perry polo blue lacoste sweater burgundy thrift store cords flip flops Interpol-Specialist Eating bleu cheese stuffed olives and fizzy water.
  23. Sitting here blue plaid banana republic boxers vans checkered slip-ons Supreme digi-camo hat big fucking amber aviator glasses and I'm listening to The Warlocks-Hurricane Heart Attack, and even though nobody asked what I'm eating, I'm going to tell you. I'm eating a frozen snickers bar, and it's off the fucking hook.
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