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Drawing graffiti artifacts.

Al Green

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Guest BilboBaggins

fancy drawing ability gets the thumbs up..


nice stuff...but i thinks its time you stopped wearing white jump suits and construstion hats in subway cars.....


didja heard...

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Guest Pilau Hands

al green

drop an email cause yours isn't listed

i must return your book at some or other yes

i'm done copying all your sketches

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heh bobbie, in case your interested, i found this on ticketbastard, although im sureyou already know:






Beacon Theatre

New York, NY

Thursday, May 16, 2002 8:00PM

$40.00 - $60.00

Charge by Phone: 212-307-7171

Seating Chart


Ticket Sale Date(s):

Internet Public Sale: Thu Mar 14, 10:00AM







THU MAY 16, 2002 8:00PM




haha...just thought you may be interested....missed you on that cannibal ox show me and dusty went to a few weeks back....he said he tried and tried to get ahold of you, but you pulled a disappearing act...it was pretty fresh, anyways....lemme know when there are other acts down there...im only a hop and skip....im gonna go back and read between the lines of your drawings....and then see if i can find that "tool of the trade" thread....



ps....did you see joseph cambell on pbs last nite by some weird chance, your drawings are kinda giving me that feel....

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yo roe.


get in touch through dusty.


ill be in new york pretty soon. ill look up joseph campbell.

as for the show im down to see it depending on my schedule..


get at me.


ill be posting more but id like if other people just posted crap.

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power of myth by joseph cambell, interview by bill moyers....they transcribed the interview into a book....nice read....guys got some shit to say


id love to contribute visually to your thread hopeski, but lack of knowledge and experience prevents me at this time....sorry...but i am gonna go out bombing with a double spinkle cone from baskin n robins now....haha






(pilau, this book goes for you too man)



(and anyone else)

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Guest leather sock

very impressive! i would very much like to see more sketches

mr. digital.


!gas face numero uno!


red cents in the belly of the beast

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Originally posted by Al Green

it could be a marsh brush pen if... it had a circular brush top.



i dont know what that is... but i wish it was real. and cheap... and easily concealed in my wooden leg. just call me Herb Smokler an MIT professor.


It is real. I believe it's some sort of industrial tool for laying down emulsion for silk screening. The problem is that the emulsion runs out of a hole in the top of the barrel, where the brush starts, and runs through the bristles. I imagine with ink it would just leak everywhere, since it's much more fluid.


Anyways, A+ on the paper. The fake marker/objects are fresh.

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