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  1. "drink till ya see straight".....thats my motto. i lost 20 bucks on the pool table. r.i.p. oohlong. cant win 'em all.
  2. im back bitches. bump for my nigga oohlong.
  3. http://digital.mica.edu/im200a/jtallarico/comiccover.jpg'> i was working on a graff oriented comic a while ago, i do comics on the regular, but never finished this one. this is was an image i was going to use for the cover.
  4. its funny how the first time i check 12 oz in months, and bam oohlong is still running shit. When i posted oohlong i diddnt think anyone would find it THAT funny. 12 ounce is beat, so im never here. if anyone wants to hit me up its writeonstuff@hotmail.com, shameless- where ya at? holler.
  5. i hope you send your girl some money because ive been living off ramen for the past month. "I like to draw but a guy has to eat." yeah well. I love to draw and id rather starve than go to the marines.
  6. hahaha.........yes, i agree. ghost world all the way. crumb was better.
  7. i thought this was about pac-man cereal. boy was i mistaken. i think tupac should have a cereal with marshmallow bandannas and crucifix's
  8. dropone


    all i know is that if i tried to shove my cat into a jar it would scratch the shit out of me.
  9. dropone

    cult films

    terror firmer is crazy. troma movies are crunked up.
  10. dropone

    cult films

    i got the region 1 dvd off of ebay. does your vhs copy have the wierd really loud music thats not supposed to be there during that one part? my dvd doesnt have it but every vhs copy ive seen has it.
  11. dropone

    cult films

    just got my dvd copy of versus in the mail. best film ever. i have been watching a bad vhs copy for a long time now. Its like matrix zombie gore mafia samurai movie. find it NOW!
  12. mmmmmmmmmm......pac-man cereal.
  13. Jim henson, rollin' in his grave.
  14. dropone


    this needs a sticky. billboards for the rich. spraycans for the poor. what if sprite decided to write "drink sprite" everywhere in spraypaint? ......oh wait
  15. just what we needed! a morale booster!
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